Fractale – Episode 5… DANCE!

If dancing were any easier it would be called football...

Wow, it’s been 2 weeks since last episode aired and I was waiting for this one to come out. And as I just finished watching it, I want to write my impressions while they’re still fresh.

I don’t know you, but I feel like this has been one of the most complete episodes so far. Now that I know each character deeper, I can risk to make some analysis on their behavior:

Brrrr!.. it's cold in here!.. there must be some Dopplers in the atmosphere!

Clain is probably the plainer character in the show, but is actually the one that creates more doubts. In the beginning I thought of him as an open-minded person, someone who felt out of place in the world he was set to live at. His love for old things speaks of a romantic idealist who longs for human relationships in an old-styled manner, where physical contact exists. (*cough.Pervert.*cough!).  During this trip he seems to be understanding that real freedom is not about having or not responsibilities, but about having the right to enjoy them or not. Although he considered himself as a hostage when he was taken to the old village, he got upset when he was called nothing but an “extension”, and although he was offered with his freedom, he remained in the ship and even helped with all the daily duties. Clain is growing up, a step at a time, but I can’t figure out what will be his true part in the final resolution yet.

Nothing like playing dumb to make a girl fall for you...

Phryne still remains a mystery. Even though she finally provided some insight on her thoughts and feelings I still don’t understand her motivation nor what she’s looking for when taking Nessa away from the Temple and leaving her with Clain. She seems to feel something for the little boy, but sometimes I feel like it varies from love to some kind of maternal protection. I still hate her “I’m a victim” attitude, specially when she tries to leave everyone behind although they’re making they’re best effort to help her. Hope Clain buys a strong chain-ball and ties her to his bed legs.

Pinky fingy friends...

Nessa… my dear Nessa… I just love this girl. Her freshness and innocence are just delightful. She’s so special, that couldn’t even remain mad at Clain and Phryne, but instead started playing “Hide and Seek” with the whole ship crew (Causing some critical issues with the ship’s navigation system.. but who cares??, everything’s fine when she smiles!). Looks like she and the Priestess have settled down their issues and will be good friends from now on (Or at least no more “Nessa loves love, but Nessa hates her..”). The revelation of she being made of “Pre-Fractale” codes seem to be important for the plot development, and won’t be the last time we hear of that topic.

Erin is dying for Clain… correct me if I’m wrong, but those face kicks are a female version of “pull the braids”…

Do you need to wear one of this to have an Harem????... looks painful!

Looks like after this time together, the Lost Millennium heads are starting to trust in Clain, but still keep for themselves how Prhyne and Nessa will interact with Fractale’s shut down.

In resume, this week episode was complete. We had funny moments, deep speeches, and for all the girls shouting for it, Clain’s panties shot!!…I’m hoping for next episode to resume on the plot and create some more doubts..

Over and Out!


2 Responses to “Fractale – Episode 5… DANCE!”

  1. 1 Poro
    19 February 2011 at 11:15 am

    you should put a spoiler alert on that picture. Just because, people might not know better and such. A small tip. *Rides off on a ostrich while eating cake*

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