Yumekui Merry Five and Six and Seven and…

So I’ve been a bit… behind on my reviewing lately and I could make up a lot of different, really good, and all very valid sounding excuses, but I don’t think anyone’s really interested. This isn’t a review of my recent life history, after all. Sadly, this also isn’t a review of the Yumekui Merry episodes I’ve missed: It’s an announcement that I won’t be reviewing this show anymore at all.

Not because it isn’t good because it’s still quite enjoyable. It’s just that I thought I could handle reviewing two shows this season when I clearly can’t. From now on, I’ll be focusing on Madoka Magica and leaving Yumekui Merry to RP of Rabbit Poets who’s also been reviewing the show – just more consistently. Plus he’s fun to read.

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