Infinite Stratos episode 7


Remember that one character, Shinonono Houki? She opens the episode with some thoughts on the upcoming competition, on her childhood, and on herself.

Afterwards, the scene shifts to Ririn and Cecilia quarreling over who will win the tournament. They irritate each other enough to summon their IS and charge at each other. Their fight is interrupted by a shot from Laura.

Laura manages to aggravate the two by insulting them and Ichika. Earlier dispute forgotten, Ririn and Cecilia team up to beat on Laura. Their weapons are unable to affect Laura due to her Active Inertia Canceller ability (read: hella strong shield). She quickly gains the upper hand, and has some fun punching around the two to the point of almost destroying their IS.

Somewhere along the way, due to the news of the fight spreading, Ichika, Houki, and Charles wandered by. Seeing Ririn and Cecilia being beaten up, Ichika’s male protagonist blood boils, and he leaps into the fray (Charles follows shortly). They, however, are soon broken up by Chifuyu weilding a big sword and no IS.

Charles and Ichika visit the injured Ririn and Cecilia in their sickbeds. A stampede of girls enters, bearing news that the upcoming competition will be for teams of 2 people. Naturally, every girl in the academy wants to be paired with Ichika/Charles. Ichika decides to pair up with Charles to get rid of them and so Charles won’t be found out by his partner.

Charles and Ichika’s first opponents: Laura Bodewig and !!!omgwtf!! Shinonono Houki !!!

Girls can be vicious… life lesson. Especially Laura. Totally off from the standard harem girl, she seems to enjoy fighting and beating on other people. I’m interested by the relationship between Laura and Houki, since apparently Houki used to be as cruel and merciless as Laura. I guess by that comparision, Laura’s got some hidden problem behind her. What’s more, Laura and Houki are partners for the competition. Maybe Houki, who now looks down upon pure violence like Laura’s, will try to change her.

Charles is really getting a lead with Ichika over the other girls. Roommates and now partners for the competition – moreover, Charles seems like she would be fine wih Ichika. Seeing as Charles is still male to the rest of the academy, I’m not sure how this would work out.

Since Ririn and Cecilia won’t be participating due to injuries, it seems like Charles+Ichika vs. Laura+Houki will be the only important match – barring the entrance of surprise characters, of course. Of course, my bets are on Ichika’s team.


1 Response to “Infinite Stratos episode 7”

  1. 23 February 2011 at 1:13 pm

    I’m hoping Ichika will win since all we’ve seen so far is him being pwned by all the girls.

    As for Laura, yeah, the girl’s bad-ass. But the fact she’s abusing her powers, as seen against Cecilia and Rin, just pisses me off. Her character would have been a more cool if only she were less arrogant. And her looks were pretty awesome too. Such a waste…

    Wells, that’s my opinion.

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