Freezing 7: The Fighting

Well as I left off last week, I said I was looking forward to this episode and I definately enjoyed this weeks episode for reasons that I can’t really say but should be fairly obvious.

Hint: It starts with ‘boo’ and ends with ‘bees’.

Bridgette L. Satellizer
Atia finally reveals her plan/scheme as she appears in the training area along with two other 3rd years. She intends to destroy Satellizer and instructs her companions (who are revealed as the 3rd & 4th ranked third year pandora’s – Arnett & Creo) to battle her. The odds looked stacked against Bridgette but don’t fear, Rana who only minutes previously had *beat the crap* out of Satellizer steps in to assist.

The 3rd years use higher end techniques to easily defeat Bridgette and Rana, barely breaking a sweat in the process. During the fight Bridgette takes heavy damage and falls unconscious.

Satellizer bleeding from the neck.
Whilst unconscious we finally get to see the full picture of what happened to Bridgette when she was young. We finally get to understand why she gets all those dark flashbacks whenever somebody touches her.

Firstly we find out that her real name is actually Satellizer Allouache and that her mother had an afair with Satellizer’s father who was already married. She moved in with her fathers aristrocratic family who definately did not like the young Satellizer. In particular the son, Louis treated her badly, calling her his doll. And apparently he was one of those boys who liked to play with dolls, you know… touch them!

Satellizer youth 1Satellizer youth 2








These memories which she most likely had kept buried deep down seem to unlock her special powers (similar to Rana’s) and when she regains conscious, her wounds are nearly completely healed. She stands ready to go for another round with Arnett and once she releases her wings of light Arnett stands no chance as Satellizer whips out a triple Accel turn. During her beat down Arnet realises that Satellizer is still unconscious – f*ck yeah! They pulled a page from Hajime no Ippo and I totally bought into it, the slow motion, the dramatic music, everything made for quite a beautiful scene.

Obviously Atia and her goons refuse to accept defeat and prepare for one final assault but the tussle is interupted by the arrival of President Chiffon. When Arnet refuses to withdraw, Chiffon takes her out in literally the flash of an eye. As expected from the Academy’s number 1 ranked pandora.

Chiffon Fairchild
And in the ending moments of the episode we see  Chiffon pay a visit to that mysterious skinny dipping blonde we have seen only in passing in previous episodes. It turns out that she is in fact the mastermind behind all of this Satellizer hate. Still no real mention of who she is though, I’m hoping she’s Louis after he had a sex change, that would be interesting.

2 Responses to “Freezing 7: The Fighting”

  1. 2 March 2011 at 11:21 pm

    Looks like it’s finally getting interesting.

    Sad you only posted one pic about the “reasons” you enjoyed this episode.. 😛

  2. 2 deming_1444
    7 March 2011 at 11:56 pm

    that blonde was elizabeth mayberry/marbly, the #2 ranked pandora of the 3rd years.

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