Level E – Episodes 6 & 7… Move on, FF! There’s a new king in town!

Yo! If you’re as game addicted as I am, then you must remember a sprite comic about the Light Warriors that parodied RPG games. In that cartoon, we had a cynic, evil protagonist who enjoyed tricking and stabbing people around. Meet his alien counterpart…

Uuuuhh.. scary...

I didn’t post last week since I wasn’t really that excited about the episode aired. I felt kinda uneasy when this Color Rangers arc popped up and was waiting for the conclusion in order to provide a full critic about the closure. I watched the episode 3 minutes ago and couldn’t wait another one to start writing. Level E showed one of his now known unexpected resolutions and definitely keeps leading the way in intelligent comedy matters.

After the 5 children were kidnapped and provided with “incredible” powers to defend the Earth from alien menaces, I wouldn’t have thought of everything turning out into an RPG parody (taking in count that this manga was written over 15 years ago, when all the video games fever exploded, I think it’s not as unexpected as many think..). I can remember working every weekend for over 3 months in order to get my RPG Maker cartridge, and I got nostalgic on how accurate the references were made during the chapter (I mean, the 8Bit-tiles enemies, the trite background story and even the items were actually written with the scripting language from the game.). Even started looking for the PC version online.

<Taken from Super Bowl's half time show>

Once the Chromatic Fighters  are pulled into the RPG world, they get engaged into Baka’s trap, and start leveling up like mad men with the promise of better skills to be tested. (That’s episode 6 synopsis… not to exciting, right?).

But at episode 7, the real fun begins… Baka’s trick is starting to show up and the kids understand that they’re being puppet-ed by the evil prince. I like how even though the victims know they’re walking into the wolf’s den, they can’t do anything but play along and try to survive somehow. They start to enjoy the game and even miss the pesky details from Baka, like him singing the Rangers theme after winning a battle.

The climax is reached when they arrive to the castle and get told that they will have to defend the princess from the Evil Demon Lord who wants to marry her, and it gets worst when it’s hinted that the Princess might be one of the children’s sweetheart!… Ta-da!! Baka-ed… again…

Zelda.. you look weird...changed your cut?

I bet you thought NPCs were useless...

Watching the boys beat the crap out of the transvestite tyrant helped me relax and watch the upcoming events in detail. Apparently (and for the first time so far…) Baka’s plans got out of his control, since the AI coded into the Demon Lord became independent and evolved on its own, truly menacing all the heroes group. In an act of self sacrifice, Prince(ess) lets himself be kidnapped by the enemy so that the Rangers can reach the only place where demons won’t be able to reach them, while they think on a way to get back to Earth safely. And the cosplay begins…


"I'll try to protect my chastity.. If I don't make it.. let's not talk about it again."

From that moment on, I kept breaking my head wondering how all of this was Baka’s plan.. what would be the final outcome that would make our small friends cry in pain and everybody burn in will to kick the Prince’s ass back to his galaxy. But for my surprise, the outcome was quite different. The issue solved in a more human way, based on the logic inherent in any living being (other than royal aliens arriving to Earth to torture anybody around themselves..)… the reasoning of being good other than evil, the feeling of helping others to get helped ourselves… the instinct of doing the opposite of that blond jerk that will definitely be stabbed while sleeping by any of his closest “friends”.

I watched this episode with my daughter, and even though she laughed in most of the visual comic moments, I definitely laughed more during the more “adult” references and gags. This show is like a roller coaster, although I got mostly disappointed from the previous episode, I felt like I was payed back with this one.

Correct me if I’m wrong (I haven’t read the manga, keep that in mind..) but I realized that there is no protagonist in this show other than Prince Baka. Tsutsui, Miho, and even the Rangers will be left behind as the Prince finds new fresh victims for his own amusement. That makes me feel kind of sad, since I can’t really identify myself with him as much as I do with the people wanting to commit intergalactic regicide.. But well, can’t have everything in one life…



Ja ne!


4 Responses to “Level E – Episodes 6 & 7… Move on, FF! There’s a new king in town!”

  1. 23 February 2011 at 3:19 pm

    This show is very strange for the reason you cite: The characters have all been pretty much restricted to a specific arc with the exception of the baka formerly known as Prince (and a cameo by the Demon Kraft).

    I enjoy the show, but it is mostly mindless fun. Nothing wrong with entertainment when it works, though.

  2. 23 February 2011 at 11:46 pm

    I think that’s the greatest strength and biggest fault of this show… It’s supposed to be only intelligent comedy, hilarious gags and that’s it… Nothing in the background. That makes it easy to enjoy in short therm, but I think it would grow plain with time.

    More Kraft would make it much better, since I don’t think Tsutsui will come back…

  3. 3 lanstar
    1 March 2011 at 6:44 am

    Does anyone else think that the blue ranger’s character looks a lot like Gon from Hunter x Hunter? From the shape of his hair down to the shiny area at the tips of his hair, it’s pretty striking I think. To those who may think that Gon is just a general prototype for any character, I don’t think so because I never saw a character like him before HxH. Do you think the resemblance was purposeful or just coincidence? And what’s all this Kraft everyone keeps talking about??

    • 1 March 2011 at 7:19 am

      Hey, yeah!.. Actually they do see quite similar. I think Level E was written before HxH, hence I don’t think it would be a parody (at least not in that way..)

      About Kraft, he’s Baka’s bodyguards Captain. Totally hilarious character which I personally feel highly identified with, specially with the beat-the-crap-out-of-the-prince feeling.

      Ja ne!

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