Fractale – 6… Wake me up when the party starts… -.-

.. Ok, ok… I know I have to start blogging this episode, but I really don’t know how to start it. No catchy phrases come in mind, no specific episode part to mention, not even a well built critic for it… I feel lost and empty, and I think that’s Fractale’s overall main reaction: It’s getting lost.

Last episode was really a downgrade from the series’ start. After setting up a very interesting plot, with deep sociological elements and a good action dose, authors seem to have lost their compass and don’t know what to focus on since 2 weeks ago. Unfortunately, they chose the worst (or at least weaker) element to develop. Clain is by far my least favorite main lead from all the shows this season. After starting as a somehow embracing character, he’s just been dull and repetitive for the last 3 episodes, constantly falling for the pervert jokes and not helping at all in understanding Phryne or Nessa’s past.

Even so, writers have decided to give him more screen time this week.

Just a couple of things can be saved from this 30 minutes:

Alabastor’s character seems to be interesting. He could become either an ally or a foe. I noticed that he wasn’t as good as he tried to show in the first half of the episode, you could say that it was just too perfect. The way he manipulated people into removing his Fractale terminals looks logical to me: they wouldn’t have done it in any other way, and (at least apparently) it’s for their own good. In the end, his group and Lost millennium are after the same goal, so I’ll just keep him in sight for the upcoming chapters. (Which I hope will develop him a little more.)

According to Sunda, Fractale is devil. But after Clain’s father (damn!, I just ruined the surprise!) shows how people is brainwashed to see what appears to be real-built towns was shocking. I thought that the system only cared about food and meds, oh yeah, and keeping them brainwashed so they don’t start asking questions… But reaching point of simulating whole villages was weird. I mean, people is supposed to live on trailers or moving houses, since they don’t hold any ties to places anymore (at least that’s what they said in the first 2 episodes), so, why do they need to be tricked into seeing phantom towns?. Dunno.

If you pay attention you can grasp some answers to questions made in the past, like the Fractale stars functionality (spreading the “signal” among world sectors) and their faults. So, in the end they’re actually crashing (or at least failing), leaving spots among the world without reach and making population move from zone to zone in search of the system benefits.

Phryne showed a very feminist side, that at least for my taste, looked too overacted. I didn’t realize any reason why she would need to go with Clain to visit the old man. Even though, I liked the “I’m Phryne before I’m a girl” argument. By the way, she better tell Clain about his father before the old man dies… otherwise, I hope he takes her back to the temple for a full spa session of martyring.

Nessa had very little screen time. We need more Nessa to keep the show interesting!

This show is past the halfway line and I think it’s really wasting an excellent concept into filler episodes. I had high hopes on what this anime could bring on us when I first watched it. But every week I just grow more and more disappointed over the writers’ capabilities.

As a protest: NO pics this week. Viva la Revolucion!

Ja ne!


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