Level E – 8… Love is in the Earth…

Remember a 90’s movie named “Species”, where an alien girl escaped a lab in order to breed?. Well, I loved that movie, specially the cast. For some reason, aliens and mating are usually related into urban legends (how do you think the “auscultation” term became famous?), but it’s rarely shown in a funny approach, (again, I don’t see anything funny about some extraterrestrial perverts doing experiments with human cavities…), but as seen so far, Level E has some gift in making thrilled stuff into hilarious masterpieces.

We begin a new arc, and things are presenting promising, specially since we get a 30 minutes break from Baka.. Weeeh!

Well, for those who didn’t watch the movie I mentioned before, and that are too lazy to look for it in Wikipedia, let me give you this episode’s main topic. Princess from planet Macbac, which is inhabited by females only (that’s too good to be true),  is arriving to Earth in order to find a couple (that is nice). Once she finds one, she will breed with him (that’s nicer!) and after giving birth to a child she will remain with him until he dies (that’s tender).

So far things sounds fine, right? But if you’ve watched this show before you know that nothing’s as good as it sounds. The issue with all the former is that once that the princess finds her mate, she will spread a virus that will castrate all males from his species (o.O Don’t worry, it’s only a genetic modification, nothing will fall from anybody…).

And here we have the only serious character in this whole show trying to stop her from destroying human kind. Of course I’m talking about Kraft and his companions!. You know what I think makes him so funny?, well, the fact that he takes everything as serious matter. Remember when you were in high school and used to put nicknames on guys less fortunate than you (at least you used to think that…). Those that would fight it back were the ones whose nickname would stick for eternity. Why, you may ask?, well, simply because nothing is more amusing than watching people putting on some useless resistance. And that’s what Kraft does: he may or may not know it, but from the moment he met Baka, his fate was decided, and it isn’t one I envy…

Truth hurts

Now, going back to the main topic, the way Kraft tries to make earthlings look valueless and the way the Princess had a reply for everything was hilarious. I felt personally referenced by a couple of Kraft’s statements, but didn’t feel offended at all. As in every trio, we have the leader, the smart-ass and the dumb-ass, and in this case the later is a romantic balloon head that brings every attempt of discouraging the Princess down, and Captain’s cholesterol levels way up!

Suddenly the princess cross her sight with a guy outside the hotel and they fall instantly infatuated, for Kraft dismay. From here on, the rest of the episode becomes a comic version of any cliche action movie, with the bodyguards trio trying to split the couple, and the guy taking the role of Prince Charming while trying to run away with his just-found lover.

Those must be pheromones...


Those branches.. always at the wrong place at the wrong time..

After many painful but amusing scenes, the guards finally reach the couple and prepare for a big revelation that should bring them apart forever, killing any hope of reuniting again…


To be continued…


2 Responses to “Level E – 8… Love is in the Earth…”

  1. 2 March 2011 at 2:56 am

    hot yuri love maybe?

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