Madoka Magica – 8… Don’t wanna say “I told you”, but…

Hi there! Due to Blindability’s offline time, and since I’ve been watching this series from the beginning, I was asked to review next 2 weeks episodes, so, prepare yourselves for a male point of view on a Magical girl show.

Before you keep reading let me warn you: I won’t hold on with the spoilers, hence, if you haven’t watched the episode yet, run and do it before I ruin the fun.

That been said, allow me to start with the speech:

Now, for all of those animal rights’ defenders that kept stating that Kyubey was a lovely misunderstood little fluffy being, just let me tell you “HA!”. This was quite a creepy episode that kept me with my fists and jaws tighten, not because of what happens to Sayaka (which is pretty sad, but somehow expected) but for the little cat’s cretinism and hypocrisy.

You might wonder why a manly guy like me would be watching a Mahou Shojo show.. well, since the first chapter I could feel some dramatic aura in it, like when watching FMA or Claymore, and I just love those kind of animes. While the plot was developing, many were focused on discussing if Madoka would become or not a magical girl, but the main point of argument was always the little kitty’s true intentions.

Just for a change, I’ll start from the end of the episode. When Kyubey and Madoka are chatting in the park bench, it becomes quite obvious the way he’s manipulating her, even offering God-like powers to her if she was to made the contract with him. Saving Sayaka, becoming an almighty useful character and even being able to accomplish those miracles even he can’t just sounded to me like a bunch of empty promises like the ones made by politicians to earn votes. And just like in politics, I have the feelings that once Madoka falls for them, they would become nothing but castles in the air. If Homura hasn’t showed up, nobody knows what would have happened (well, the writers do, but you know what I meant…). My question in here is: What would she had asked for?.

Even though I don’t quite like Homura’s ways, I understand that she’s desperate for saving Madoka from a fate nobody except her knows at this point of the story.  As mentioned through the end, she comes from a different time, and is trying either to prevent an event from happening (maybe something related to the Walpurgis night) or could even be pushing for it to happen. Since we don’t know what the event is about it’s hard to give an opinion now, but I can say that Homura doesn’t have bad intentions simply because she made my dream come true by massacring Kyubey in shots. Unfortunately, weed never dies, and he comes back just in time to eat his previous hole-filled body. (Ugh!)

This is the second time you kill me…” he said.. I don’t recall any since the show started, hence it means that Homura has been following the little rat for a while, probably even before he crossed paths with Madoka.

Sayaka finally broke up. We could see this coming for a couple of weeks now. Ever since Mami died she has been the most affected, specially since she actually had a miracle in mind when Kyubey made the offer for the first time. Circumstances have been pushing her to her limits, specially from the point where she realized that her body is just a soulless vessel used to fight witches. Although Madoka, and even Homura offered their help, Sayaka just lost her mind when Hitomi declared to Kyosuke. But all this drama brought us to a main point in the plot:

Mahou Shoujos Become Witches!!!!  \m/(O.o)\m/

Can you see Claymore resemblance in here, or is it just me?. Ever since I saw Kyubey eating the Greed Seeds I supposed that somehow all of this was some trick. Homura reveals even more when she calls Kyubey by his real name: Incubator.

Also, having to keep the Soul Gems clean had to mean something important, and it wasn’t just loosing your magical powers, but actually loosing everything and becoming the one and only thing you’ve been fighting from the beginning.

Enough thinking for today. I’ll just wait and see what comes next, but I like the twist shown during this episode.  Feel free to contradict me with your comments, probably next time’s post title will be an apology instead of a cocky phrase.. 😀

Ja ne!


7 Responses to “Madoka Magica – 8… Don’t wanna say “I told you”, but…”

  1. 1 edru
    1 March 2011 at 12:31 pm

    its possible though, that kyubey is still not really evil. it could be just one of those “you didnt ask” times. he did warn kyoko and homura about sayaka. he probably just doesnt care.

    im sad about sayaka’s fate. im thinking I would have done the same actions she did if I ended up in that contract. I would give up my happiness for other people but I do also want some change even if once in a while.

  2. 2 Anonymous
    1 March 2011 at 12:56 pm

    Ha! There will always be some people who will say “The writer never explicitly told us he’s evil so he’s not” people around. The facepalming around this sort is very high.

  3. 1 March 2011 at 3:37 pm

    Gear witch must be Sayaka!

  4. 4 Mentar
    1 March 2011 at 3:51 pm

    Nice entry!

  5. 1 March 2011 at 11:29 pm

    After consulting it with the pillow, I tend to think that Kyubey actually wants Madoka to make a contract so that she can become a witch… and according to him, she would be the most powerful one.

    Only thing that keeps bothering me is the dream from the first episode. Was Kyubey really wanting to help Homura?

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