Freezing 9: Nova Attack!

Some of you still following this show may have noticed that I skipped blogging last weeks episode. That was partly owing to the fact that last week was a Gears of War 2 XP event which I spent most of my time playing but last weeks episode was also just one big ecchi filler episode which really didn’t merit its own post.

So I will briefly recap episode 8 before I press on to the much more interesting episode 9.

The Untouchable Pandora Queen
The crux of episode 8 is a non-combat challenge between Satella & Atia, the draw card being that the challenge is the annual Pandora Queen pagent aka dress-as-slutty-as-possible pagent. And as deming_1444 pointed out in the comments last week, the nudist blonde  we’re always seeing is actually the reigning Queen, Elisabeth Mayberry.

And in a shock upset, Satella manages to beat out both Atia and Elisabeth to become Queen, now she really is the Untouchable Queen. But as expected of the Manipulative Schemer, Atia had something up her sleave, playing a prank on Satella which resulted in her wearing a see-through bikini as she accepted her title. With Satella paralyzed from embarassment, Aoi-kun leaps to her rescue by freezing everyone in the arena which Im sure is against the academy rules but was romantic nonetheless and allows them to run away into the night together.

Now on to the business end of this weeks post, episodes introduces a new character, The Godspeed of the East – Cathy Lockharte. A 3rd year from East Genetics who transfers to West Genetics and really lives up to her title too… she performs a quadruple accel turn, I mean holy sh!t, thats insanely fast!

When Kazuya first meets her it is revealed that she inherited 3 of her stigma from Kazuha Aoi, Kazuya’s legendary sister. Kazuya then points out that its like she has a piece of his sister inside of her, which sounds gross and lewd but isnt if you think of it as some sort of organ transplant.
Kazuya then also finds out that Cathy wasnt the only the only one to inherit Kazuha’s stigma, Satella also inherited 6 of them. Which just puts into perspective how hardcore Kazuha Aoi really was. A quick count shows that she had about 20 stigma which far exceeds any of the current Pandora’s.

Cathy Lockharte

Then what we’ve all been waiting for finally happens… a real live Nova attack, four type-S Nova’s, no training simulation here. First they send out an aerial strike force to slow them down, but those are easily dispatched by the Nova, leaving them prattling on about how ineffectual normal weaponry is against the Nova. Um, how long have they been fighting the Nova? Surely they should have known those helicopters were like lambs to the slaughter – most likely all men too, what kind of sexist society is this?

By the time they get a proper anti-nova attack force out there and in position, they are already discussing the possibility of calling up 2nd & 3rd year pandora’s as re-enforements. The pandora attacks initially appear to be going well as they manage to expose the Nova’s core but as they go for the kill via Cathy’s quadruple accel all goes kinda pear-shapeded as the nova pull some never before seen deflection technique. Everybody blames it on the new nova technique but I blam it solely Cathy-senpai. She made a rookie mistake by using her quadruple accel way to early, everbody knows that when attacking you try to decieve your enemy by moving slower and then quickly accelerating just before you strike but she went with the quadruple right from the get go making it easy for the nova to deflect her.
Then to rub salt in the wounds, the injured nova unleashes a kamehameha-esque particle beam which deals a crazy amount of damage.

During the fallout of the blast, the nova begin taking pandora’s as prisoners and absorbing them including Cathy Lockharte. The sh!t has definately hit the fan for the Genetics institute. What are they going to do? Anyguesses as to why the No are taking prisoners?

Finally the petty infighting that has been going on seems to have been put on hold in this time of crisis and as such my interest in the show has doubled 3-fold. Hopefully we will get to see all of the pandora previously featured in the series but fighting together this time. The last 3 episode look to be action packed and set to end with a bang… or an extremely anti-climatic ending to set it up for an ecchi-stretching second season which I wouldn’t entirely be unhappy with to be honest. Well just have to wait and see.

5 Responses to “Freezing 9: Nova Attack!”

  1. 11 March 2011 at 9:09 am

    OMG they already cramped 27 manga chapters in 9 episodes lol

  2. 2 jGLZa
    15 March 2011 at 5:38 am

    You mean the real story only starts after 27 manga chapters? I now see why I don’t read manga.

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