Fractale – 7… viva Las Vegas!

Let me tell you something before I start babbling about this episode: Before I decided to blog Fractale, all I knew about it was what I learned from the trailer. Some beautiful scenery, 2 girls and a boy flying in an airship all smiling and allowing us to think of a discovery adventure within a fantastic world. Episode 5 was a huge deception, and episode 6 was not that better to rise my faith in this project. When I started watching this episode I had my expectations as low as my mood, I don’t like to be disappointed, but after all, I have a responsibility with all of you, to keep posting my thoughts about it, either good or bads.

First thing I noticed was a big incongruity, I mean, since when Sunda would allow Clain and Nessa to take an airship and fly alone without any supervision?. I know that recently, Clain has earned some trust from LM, but he hasn’t decided which side he’s supporting yet. After taking all the trouble of kidnapping the annoying boy and his lovely doppel companion, they are now ready to let them go whenever and wherever they want?. Man, that’s a big change for Sunda and team.

Ok, so one minute we see Nessa feeling dizzy and the next one Clain is laying down in a 3rd class motel, in underwear and staring at 2 big t.. ender eyes of a woman-doppel taking advantage care of him. Nessa is nowhere to be found.

I was about to turn off the laptop at this point (somehow, there are a couple of shows this season that raised the bar, not anything is enough to keep my attention now..), but suddenly something interesting appeared: the city of Xanadu. Now, that’s what I was talking about! When I learned of Fractale system’s functionality I knew that humanity would find the way to corrupt it and make it one more link in our long long chain of utopic failures, and once more, humanity didn’t let me down. Xanadu is a sci-fied version of 60’s Las Vegas city. Everything is possible, everything is funny, everything is expensive and everything is illegal (well, this one I don’t know for sure, but it makes it sound interesting… )and everything is FAKE. Clain is the only human in the whole town, the other inhabitants been doppels of elitist people wanting to feel interesting.

From here, everything moves on a light and interesting pace. We have the LM crew interacting with a group of “villagers” outside of Xanadu, while they look for Clain and Nessa. Isn’t the way the so called villagers hid their own identity using the doppels to live in Xanadu, similar to nowadays FB, tuits, chat and (oh my god!) blogs human way of interacting?!.It’s said that usually reality surpasses fiction, and we’re almost there…

We also have the woman doppel and another guy trying to sell Clain and Nessa to the Temple troops. And we have Clain (dressed as a girl, which I never really got why…)trying to save sick Nessa from there.

Once they reach the town’s limit they get cornered by the 2 greedy doppels and their medieval robot guards (no, it’s not Astroboy review) and in the most critical moment we get a glance of what should have happened 3 episodes ago: Nessa’s powers wake up and she turns off the whole city’s Fractale interaction, revealing the fancy, shiny and monumental buildings, streets and everything inside Xanadu to be nothing more than gloomy rock-built constructions. The power to restore or destroy Fractale system, all within a moe little red-haired package.

The way Nessa exploded was so cool that I couldn’t catch by breath in a while.. and after what comes next I almost died of asphyxia. While trying to save our lovely doppel-girl Clain is shot by the evil robots.. I’m not lying, we could see the blood and everything spilling out of him… (=0 That was something long awaited.. at least by me.. but unexpected at this moment).

We’re 6 episodes away from the end, and things finally got interesting. Even though, this anime has been waving up and down since the first minute, so I still don’t know what to expect from the last episodes. I can’t call this a “great” show, specially because of the way the plot has being handled, but a good finale could rise up my “Rotten Tobaccos” scale.

Ja ne!


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