Level E -9… It’s easier to build a pole than dig a hole

Ouji is back in town, and with him the arc finale. As expected from his Highness, Kraft is the one to pay the broken plates and after an excellent deployment of diplomatic capacity during previous episode, we can almost feel his inner guts get consumed in gastric acids because of Prince’s behavior.

Even romantic stories can be fun, you know?… Probably if Shakespeare had watched level E before writing Romeo and Juliet, even kids would have enjoyed it before arriving to puberty.

Anyway, straight to the story.

I didn't sleep waiting for this episode... NOT!

This time I gotta accept that I was left behind in the plot, since I thought that Mikihisa being a girl was just one more of Kraft and company stupidities. But after watching the Princess go back to her spaceship, and Mikihisa in underwear, I was convinced that she was actually a female, and that the bodyguards gang had actually used their brains for something else than surviving Baka’s jokes.

And speaking of devil, looks like at least for one episode we were able to watch the prince acting as a rational person trying to help humanity to survive (obviously making Kraft suffer in the pain on the way, but that’s just pro bono…). After the princess found out that she had fallen in love with an earthling of her same sex we realize that cosmic romances are not bounded to anything, call it species, tastes, costumes nor sex (male or female.. don’t start with the “twice a day” thoughts..). Hence, Baka is hurried to find a way of preventing the couple to reunite. But surprise, the alien matchmakers take the lead and abduct the girl/boy first, in order to make every gay in this world’s dream come true: a free painless SRS!! (search wiki..).

Painless my a....aahhhhhh!!!

Foreman, you bought MJs body cream, don't you?

But they didn’t count with Ouji’s intellect and perseverance (or just plain boredom).. and after going through several options, waving from kidnapping Mikihisa in order to apply a vaccine to counter the SRS effects, all the way to kill her (I voted for this one, easy to do, cheap, fast, and they already had the guns.. damn moral sense..) they chose the “best” one: clone the boy(previously a girl with a boy’s brain within a girl’s body with boy’s desires with girl’s panties… ok, ok: Mikihisa), clone him, apply an anti-virus that will kill the princess’ castrating virus, copy his previous memories into the clone, modifying the original one’s memories so that he won’t fall in love with the alien princess again, and sending the original to a far away country.

See why I’d picked up the “sniper” solution?

Nice episode with good comic moments. Kraft is by far the most complete and multifaceted character in the show (at least for me..) but Prince is always amusing when in “I-don’t-give-a-sh..” mode. The show is getting closer to the season finale and looks like we’ll have the Color Rangers back in screen for a last battle. Keep laughing….

Ja ne!


2 Responses to “Level E -9… It’s easier to build a pole than dig a hole”

  1. 1 Philippe
    10 March 2011 at 10:22 am

    what i don’t understand is why they have to clone him ? why not apply an anti-virus that will kill the princess’ castrating virus directly ?

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