Infinite Stratos episodes 9+10

There was so little to write about in episode 9 that I decided to blog it together with episode 10.

Okay, the real reason is because I was out of town till a couple days ago and lazy.

The producers decided to make up for the lack of fanservice in earlier episodes by shoving it all into episode 9. Unfortunately, this left no room for plot development except for a bit at the beginning and end of the episode. Essentially, Houki’s extremely genius and extremely eccentric sister decides to make her an IS, the Akatsubaki, and will be arriving to present it to her. See episode 10.

Cecilia gets a minor spotlight as Ichika invites her to his room (>:D…. but since it’s Ichika it must be a misunderstanding) and she puts on some sexy underwear that unfortunately everyone but Ichika (and us) gets to see. The invitation turned out to be a massage, which Ichika performs to an audience of all the other main girls and Chifuyu. After Ichika leaves on an errand for Chifuyu, Chifuyu asks the others why they like him and reveals that she’s fond of him because, to put it succintly, he’s her bitch. “Hey, do you by any chance want Ichika? Too bad!”

Cue in Tabane Shinonono, who enters via a giant carrot drop-pod. She has the Akabatsuki, a super-powerful personal IS for Houki. While Houki is giving the Akabatsuki a test run, Chifuyu announces a level A emergency. The unmanned Gospel IS (from the very first scene way back in the first episode) has gone berserk and its flight path takes it near them. They have been asked to deal with the IS. After conversing, the group decides to send Ichika’s Byakushiki and Houki’s new Akabatsuki to fight it.

Episode 9 seemed mostly like an interlude before the last couple episodes. Lots of fanservice, lots of humor, and a lighthearted atmosphere as the students enjoyed themselves on the beach. I might be wrong about this, but I feel that the girls are too obsessed with Ichika. Honestly, it felt like they were throwing themselves at him, and the fact that he managed to be dumb as a rock and notice nothing at all irritated me. Nonetheless, the scenes and girls are incredibly cute – especially Laura sneaking into Ichika’s bed.

Cecilia had a comeback going in episode 10. Getting fed by Ichika, and even getting invited to his room… for a massage, of course. Too bad her ‘sexy underwear’ only got seen by all the other girls and not Ichika. Also too bad for her that Chifuyu has somewhat laid claim to Ichika, or at least expressed an interest in keeping him (as a cook and maid and masseur). Poor Cecilia. At least she got a pleasant massage out of it.

Tabane Shinonono was somewhere on the border of annoying and hilarious to me. Her actions were ridiculous, and enhanced by the varied poses she makes while talking. No wonder why the serious Houki doesn’t want to be associated with her. Yet she’s quite the inventor, making carrot drop pods, pulling gigantic rocket launchers out of midair, and of course making the imbalanced Akabatsuki.

The plot development didn’t make much sense to me. An IS going berserk? Fine, I can handle that. But why, if it’s a level A emergency, are students sent to handle it? Where are the adults? Not to mention that I didn’t understand any of the logic presented during their ‘strategy meeting’ that led them to select Ichika as part of the team.

But hopefully, the fight will be awesome enough to make me not care about logical fallacies. And optimally this will have something to do with the first unmanned IS drone, so that I don’t fall into any plot holes.

3 Responses to “Infinite Stratos episodes 9+10”

  1. 13 March 2011 at 3:07 pm

    All I can say is if I was a world leader that relying on Tabane would be a terrifying thing. No wonder people want to create unmanned units and hopefully get away from this crazy genius woman. Of course ignoring the political consequences if only women can pilot the most powerful weapons in the world :).

    But yeah Houki goes from using a regular unit to getting the most powerful unit on the planet. Guess Houki can’t complain about her sister anymore long as she is willing to take this present. Of course specs aren’t the only thing that matters as we know from Charlotte who was fighting just fine in a custom gen 2 unit.

    I think the whole strategy meeting was pretty stupid. Why do they need 20 people there if they only need the 2 units? Of course there is also the obvious question of why the adults aren’t handling what is a very serious emergency. But not like serious logic was the strong point of this series.

  2. 2 edru
    14 March 2011 at 3:30 pm

    I think its more like they’re the closest to it and houki’s akatsubaki is their fastest. bringing more would slow them.

    • 3 lygophile
      15 March 2011 at 2:32 am

      Even if they’re the closest, isn’t there World Champion Chifuyu Orimura and the other teacher Yamada there? I would think at least one of the teachers would go with them. Speed could be a possible reason though.

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