First Impression: Wolverine and Random-awesome shit

I know 15,532 episodes late.  I only got the inspiration to blog this after watching Kick-Ass.  A movie at par with watching your mom knock out a guy with a punch. Give the finger.  Spit on him. Then say bitch.  Finally, motioning you to follow as she nonchalantly walks away with toilet paper stuck on her shoe.  So damn wrong yet so damn F*&king awesome.  Well, another reason would be this guy named lygophile.

“You post once a month…”

“No I don’t Q_Q”

39 posts in 2 years.


epic face (with many cool blue arrows)

Wolverine is a cool guy.  Metal body. Uber hp regen that makes him literally unkillable.  Immortal.  CLAWS.  Smexy hot body.  But, he gets buttfucked by an old samurai in a sword fight.  Yeah that ^ guy.

No he has no fucking superpowers.

They used wooden swords, but this m#%@f325er right here manage to whoop Wolverine’s ass without shoop’n a laezor. .

Better yet. Wolverine takes out Half-Life 2 Combine and spars with this grandpa in the same episode.

epic face

Wolverine has a love interest!!!! ZOMGWTFBBQQNWIH!!

Actually check this out (stop @ the 1st paragraph to stop spoilers and Logan = Wolverine):

Mariko was the daughter of Shingen Yashida, the half-sister of the Silver Samurai, and cousin of Sunfire and Sunpyre. Upon her father’s death, she became head (Oyabun) of his Yakuza crime family, Clan Yashida.

She first met the X-Men when they returned from a sojourn in the Savage Land and were asked to help Japan, which was being blackmailed by the terrorist Moses Magnum. She became close to Wolverine despite her family’s disapproval. However, when her father ordered her to marry a criminal associate to settle one of his debts, she obeyed without question as a matter of honor. Furthermore, she was intent on keeping to this duty over Logan’s protests and the fact that her husband is physically abusive. However, her father had his personal assassin, Yukio, secretly poison Logan to temporarily weaken him before maneuvering him into an unfair duel of honor to disgrace himself in front of Mariko and to demoralize him.

Afterward, Mariko was later used by her father as a secondary motivation to maneuver Wolverine into participating in an assassination of a rival by having the superhero inadvertently provide a distraction while protecting his love from the rival’s own assassins. This also had the intended effect of deepening Mariko’s disgust for Logan witnessing him going berserk in battle, albeit in defense of her. However, Mariko soon realized that her father was evil and was shaming her family with his schemes. To stop him, Mariko planned to kill her father, and then commit seppuku in recompense for the deed. Fortunately, Logan, learning the truth about his manipulation and inspired by a personal epiphany about his humanity, attacked her father and slew him in a fair battle of honor before she could act. In doing so, Logan was convinced that Mariko would be honor bound to kill him for that and was prepared to die at her hands rather than harm her in self-defense. However, Mariko explained her opinion of her father and presented the family katana to him as a token of her approval of him as a honourable warrior who is properly entitled to it.

At this, Mariko became Logan’s fiancée, but their wedding was halted by the supervillain Mastermind, who used a mind control device to change Mariko’s mind. When the control was lifted, Wolverine and Mariko resumed their relationship after a period of separation, but have not reconsidered marriage.

The X-Men returned from the first Secret Wars and accidentally end up in Japan, fighting a dragon their companion Lockheed had brought along. During the chaos, a young girl namedAmiko Kobayashi loses her mother when a collapsing building crushes her. Dying, the woman begs Wolverine to take care of her daughter.[1] Since Wolverine could not take care of her himself, he chose to place Amiko in Mariko’s care, whom the girl soon adopted as a surrogate mother. Akiko and Mariko were at one point targeted by Ogun, one of Wolverine’s old enemies, but the attack was averted by Wolverine and Kitty Pryde.

Mariko was poisoned with tetrodotoxin from a blowfish by an assassin named Reiko, in the hire of her rival Matsu’o Tsurayaba.[2] She asked Wolverine to kill her to avoid a painful death and preserve her honor. Wolverine killed her and vowed to avenge Mariko by yearly severing parts of Matsu’o’s body on the anniversary of her death.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen for once these mofo’s have followed the script!!

From Wikipedia btw.  (go google it. My link creator isn’t working :/ sorry. <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mariko_Yashida>

epic face

The action and fighting is fine.  Very shonen action like.  This is after all, an anime interpretation of a subtly different art than manga.  I don’t want to explain the difference between manga and American comics just blindly believe me.  If you want to watch Wolverine kick ass, watch this.  Romance?  Meh, not so much.

jeezz een mai pantz

Watch Kick-Ass.  Seriously.  NO THEY DID NOT PAY MEE TO DO THIS!!!  Man, I am fucking famous but come on I wouldn’t take money to do product placement for a year old movie.  Seriously, when I become famous, I STILL wouldn’t.

29 posts to go.

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