Get your free Cake NOW!!

the cake is a lie. tee hee

So actually, This is a The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya: THE MOVIE <generic deep voice here> review.  I apologize about my total abscence

At least my lie wasn't so blatant ^_^ (oh wait)

Non-Spoiler Section

It’s close to Christmas at November 16th.  Haruhi is planning a Christmas Eve Party.  Everyone “happy” and Haruhi is making hotpot for the party.  Next day, Kyon finds himself in a world where Haruhi never came to the same high school as him.  The world is quite different than he expect.  Blood shed, Horror, Massive embarrassment, Epiphany moments, etcetera etcetera ensue.

Haruhi spontaneously gets randomn things. I always wondered how too.

Spoiler Section: The actually good part (GO WATCH THE MOVIE!)

Cute Mikuru is Cute (these passive voice statements are annoying)

Yeah, Yeah These Pictures are shit.  There is no good high quality version yet so I just took these picts off the internet browser. Moving on.

What the movie is:

Basically, a really good long episode of Haruhi Suzumiya.  I mean it has a opening theme song, a closing theme song.  The plot brings its foundation on the first episode of Haruhi Season 2 and takes it to a whole new level.

Endless Eight Was Actually Really Good…

key to the understanding of Yuki in the post.  Perhaps many of you think that 153,532 was a complete waste.  Now how the hell do you think Yuki felt.  When she literally went through it that many times.  Her boundless patience met her bounds and the pent up emotions burst.  I honestly felt sorry for Yuki and hated Kyon.  Not cuz he got to see Mikuru in a Santa Claus outfit, bunny-suit, nurse outfit, and don’t get me started on the meido/waitress one.  No, because he was dumb enough to not realize the certain changes and impromptu a solution in the first scenario.  Save Yuki, even more boredom pl0x.  We know her breakdown was inevitable, but I argue that her emotions increased exponentially each time they went through EE.  But enough of me ranting like a nerdraging pokemon lover.

I KNEW IT.  I saw that coming a mile away.  It still wasn’t boring because I was on the edge of my seat waiting for Kyon to be either

1. run over, shot a few times for good measure (save scenario would be overpowered yuki)

2. shot with either

a. glock

b. ray gun

3. shanked

I was really hoping for a semi-comedic scene where he gets run over.  But come on, we all know that despite talking cats, moe time travelers, green-haired smoke-cheese-fanatics, and so on must mean we would still have realism and show that getting hit by a car hurts.  Ok fine, fine, it actually would logically turn into a shonen. Now to spam various hotlinked pictures to end the post~

28 posts to go

already almost forgot

thx 2 lygophile for remind

but still a hoe

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