The Kingdom of Seyrun: Another fanfix

Is of pertinent need.  Gosick is like a diamond in the ruff.  A beautiful stone even in ore form, but it still needs to be polished and whatever my character does in order to magically turn diamond ore into plain diamond in my shamelessly pirated version of Minecraft.  I’m a bit paranoid of getting fined 3,000 USD so I’m not going to link 2 the game.  Just to be safe.  Anyways, if you haven’t watched the latest Gosick arc yet.  Don’t. Rather, sit back and enjoy this retelling.


Hey, Kujo look over there

Where?  where?

Today is turning out great. So far, Avril and I have been hanging out at the city all day on our spring break.  We went shopping, embracing the epitome of European city culture.  The numerous market shops, the side shows of puppets, and it goes on.  It wasn’t everyday we have permission to leave and get to spend time at the city.  I had bought plenty of sweets for Victorique and all my school supplies I have been waiting to get.  My new pen is going to be great.  The ink doesn’t bleed on the shitty parchment I have <3.

Kujo! Cmon!

Huh?  Coming!

I jogged to Avril’s side and attempted to look over the crowd.  A man dressed in a formal clothing: a white suit, a black suit jacket, An abnormally long top-hat, what looked to be  a orchestrater’s baton, and clean slick white shoes.  He was moving his gloved hands, with a swift motion he produced a bouquet of flowers.  In another, he takes off his black beaver and spirits away his flowers and places a napkin on the hat.  With a magical gesture or two, he procures a white bird.

A dead white bird.

I watched the crowd disperse.  I stood still and took a good look around me to find where Avril was knowing I would lose track of her. again.  I feel a gush of air so sudden that it gave the chills.  The chills when innocent school girls get when the pedo is about to shame them.  Maybe it’s too early to make sexual innuendos in my time period… screw it.


Shriek! Yes, an unmanly shriek.  But I was still jumpy from the headless bikeman and the QB incident.  I mean maybe not as scary as making a contract with an extraterrestrial who will use your soul for its own power utilities.  Anyways, I jumped back and turn around.  The magician simply gave me a pedophilic stare then grabbed my books.  He flipped his hat over and out came an Arabic hat and the lowest value of currency in Sauburn, the gew.  He put the hat on me and gently handed me the gew.  I stared in awe until I realized I would have to repurchase all my items.  I snapped from my trance and looked up.  The magician disappeared.  Was I really out for that long?  The gew could do me nothing.  Thanks to price inflation in Sauburn candy costs at least 2 gews.  Nothing could be bought with it.  I guess I could take it to a Jewish community and throw it in the square and watch them fight to the death over it.  I didn’t want to waste time and I didn’t want to give an eye witness report of the sudden death of a Jewish community.  Then, again that would do a great deal of good to the world.  Or at least this is what most of the people in Sauburn say.  Spotting Avril, I ran over to her before it was too late.  Luckily, she was in a trance of some ware a nun was holding…

1 Response to “The Kingdom of Seyrun: Another fanfix”

  1. 1 James Birdsong
    6 April 2011 at 10:40 pm

    Very excellent. I like your Gosick fanfictions.

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