Lamentations of a Team Blogger

I am jealous.  I just woke up at around 11:00 pm hoping to keep my 31 day of posts continuing.  While typing up the last of my Gosick fanfix, I lost hope.  Hope is frail, but hard to kill.  It died.  Died hard.  Why, because Gosick simply can’t work.  More ranting about Gosick’s suckage and kissing-ass to other animes.

WASH (couldn’t find the original post and stopped trying cuz OMFG time as of moment: 11:46 pm


Fuck. Running out of time.

Gosick has some fundamentally flawed issues.  First, the setting is to hard to make realistic.  Although the author tries to make the story setting realistically congruent with its time line, failure inevitable.

OMFG 11:48 pm!!!

I mean unless you lived through that time period, you would need to do major research on the top which is nearly impossible.  You need to hire or consult a historian.  This fundamental issue also takes away from the story because too much time is spent describing the setting.  It would be much easier if the mysteries occured in real life

11:50 pm

I Jelly. Why? cuz fractale and puella magi are too fucking awesome.  Have you seen the awesome posts recently released about each?

11:52 pm

Fuck no time

11:53 pm


i only have 206 words!!!

to get to the main point.

Team blogging has its advantages and issues.  I will just give a trite list due to a lack of time. (did I use trite rite? get it! I made a pun!! … )


Attracts a wide range of viewers due to variety of writers

More anime covered


Multiple perspectives. Our team develops plans better because we discuss them.

Big projects are possible due to a nice big work force.

11:56 pm. (… fuck)


– Group think: when people share their own opinions and ideas less often in fear of group rejection

– You don’t get the anime you want (cough) or you can’t switch over if you don’t like yours (sneeze, wheeze, jeez-louis! look at that mucus!!)

11:58 pm

ok time to close up with a prayer to those caught in the Japanese earthquake.  Luckily the people I have met from Japan are apparently ok <3.

11:59 pm

What post am i on?


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