difficulties in creating quality fan fictions

Fan material is (by my definition) a fan created material that attempts to closely imitate an admired previous work in some fashion.  Fan art usually isn’t a problem.  If the art is well drawn, most people accept it with tolerance.  Perhaps not a raving applause and vans full of fan girls infatuated to the point that you COULD establish a harem, but a generally good tolerant audience with the occasional raving praise or trollific rant.  Fan written material must meet a different criterion.  I argue that writing a shitty fan fiction is second to not sinning on the top most impossible things on the planet.

I would kill to have this picture.

No seriously.

But this is fine too

i realized that our blog claims to be child safe look at the top info header thing up there ^ so no explicit sechs jokes i guees 😦

Elitist Bastards…

Fan fictions have a myriad of elitist standards it must meet.  Fan fiction readers have higher standards.  Not only because they have been preconditioned by the original (and rightly so) but also because the readers want high quality story telling if they are going to go as far as read other people’s interpretations of their favorite work.  Thus, fan fiction writers are in grave danger of getting stoned, shot, hanged, and worst of all trolled.  This can only spell trouble for the writer because I assure you 99.999999999999999999999% of the population can’t perfectly imitate another’s writing prose.

i keed, I just took the 2nd picture that came when I google'd elitist

More creativity required…

Creativity and great planning is a necessity not  a talent for fan fiction writing.  I mean I could create a story right here rather  easily with relatively good planning and humor.

Once upon a time there was an ugly barnacle named XuxlXdxiXvxaXdx.  He was so ugly everyone died.  The end.

SEE!! I must say a great master piece at par with Don Quixote and Great Expectations if you ask me.  Perhaps my opinion is slightly, but only ever so slightly it wouldn’t matter.

Now try to create a story within that story…

Yeah see how I feel?

The problem is that most well written stories worth creating fan fiction often have a predestined plot and ending.  Every word, sound, action a story has, contains purpose.  Anymore would be like adding another chef.  Unnecessary fluff and sprinkles.  Often times ur better creating a better story in large universes where multiple stories can happen such as Gundam.

I’ve been trying to get good at this game for a while and so I guess I am slacking off a little 😦

24 post more to go

I like cake

1 Response to “difficulties in creating quality fan fictions”

  1. 1 edru
    25 March 2011 at 10:16 pm

    sturgeons law
    90% are fanfiction crud.
    10% are worth dying for.

    and this is where fanfiction recommendations come in: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/FanFicRecommendations
    thank you tv tropes.

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