Freezing 11 – Oh so thats…

Episode 10 left me with alot of questions, enough to make it quite difficult to put together a proper post about it. Episode 11 thankfully answered a few of those questions in addition to being rather kickass.

The last episode was quite educating in that it showed how shambolic the Genetic defensive command was. I mean they have been fighting the Nova for how long now? Easily years going solely by Kazuya’s age and in that time they managed to devise an attack plan which relied solely on the Nova moving in a single straight line and not doing much else. Now that plan works and its quite effective, I mean it took them a matter of seconds to rip that Nova wide open in the East, the only problem was that the Nova had something else tucked up their sleave.

Granted it was unexpected and never-seen before, yes, but was it beyond anyone to expect the same creatures that can level a city and appear out of nowhere (thats another thing, where do these things keep coming from?) to maintain the same unsuccessful attack pattern? Even more so, now that they saw that the Nova are capable of other attacks, they are all up in arms in about how they managed to disappear in the East and reappear on their doorstep in the West. In their defense they respond very quickly by dispatching and placing all their pandora, but its pointless setting up a great defense if those positioned are inept. They have all their pandora strategically lined up on the INSIDE of the walls where they can see nothing, yeah that makes sense.

Anyway on to those answers I was talking about. I was wondering what had happened to all the pandora to whom we have been introduced to during the course of the show. They were quite strong most of them if you recall. Had they died in battle, were they positioned in some random place on the base, did they lock themselves up in their rooms having some sort of lesbian orgy or had the writers simply forgotten about them? Well it turns out that the Headmistress lady had some special duties in mind for them as they were each positioned as the final lines of defense protecting the Holy Corpse and of course they were called upon given the helpless perimeter defenses. Was great to see Ingrid again, we even got a glimpse of Atia getting physical for once and beauty queen Elizabeth Mably wearing clothes.

Ingrid & Atia

They do a great job holding off the Panova’s (Nova absorbed pandora’s) but the Godspeed of East Cathy Lockharte still manages to break through to our fabulous foursome; Satella, Rana, Ganessa & Kazuya. Rana & Ganessa make the first offensive but Rana spends most of the time taking hits for Ganessa as she can’t use accel techniques. Because of this Cathy over-powers them, then its just a face-off between Satella and Cathy.

The two pandora clash but in her Nova form Cathy is too strong for Satella, Satella emotions however cause her too to transcend into a nova-form which temporarily levels the playing field. For a brief moment we can see that Cathy is still struggling against the Nova control and its at this point that Kazuya tries to remind Cathy of who she is and convince Satella that she isnt just a replacement for his sister and then, and then… I don’t know what the fcuk happened, Satella states that she intends to finally bed Kazuya later, Cathy’s eyes started bleeding and then she disappears in a puff of smoke.

Rather anti-climatic end I thought, no big explosions, no deaths – well no important deaths at least. Except it doesn’t end there. One of the panova’s which was knocked out regains conscience and pierced through the walls with its TTGL-esque drill arm to gain entrance to the Ravensborne Nucleochede’s inner sanctum. What she going to do in there, I don’t know, perhaps some dry humping?

4 Responses to “Freezing 11 – Oh so thats…”

  1. 29 March 2011 at 1:07 am

    Freezing is just wow ripping off Evangelion so hardcore! With the first Pandora as the “adam” under the base if the Nova get the first Pandora it’s GAME OVER! or 3rd impact lol. I was happy Sateillzer finally snapped out of her depressing funk, I laughed a bit at them for arguing during the final fight with Cassie like really? Now you want to argue.

  2. 29 March 2011 at 1:56 pm

    Hmm…having read the manga…I feel as if some crucial scenes were missing from this episode. Also, I think they kinda messed up the order of events during Satella and Cathy’s battle.I mean, the battle took several pages in the manga so I thought perhaps there should’ve been more focus on that in this episode instead of all that nonsensical BS talk. Anyways, I hope they’ll be able to wrap it up nicely in the finale…there’s just too many negative reviews about Freezing in North America (even though it’s the 11th most popular show in Japan atm)…and I don’t want to see one of my favourite series get dissed even more!

    • 4 jGLZa
      29 March 2011 at 6:59 pm

      I suspected as much. I’ve never gotten past the 6th chapter of the manga so I don’t know what actually happens. But on numerous occasions I’ve thought that these fights seemed way to short. I was extremely upset at the length of Ingrid, Atia, and the others fight – it could have been awesome.

      But I guess its a decision taken by the studio to firstly cram everything into 12 episodes and 2ndly not draw fights out like DBZ or Naruto. They’ve done a decent job so far, but a bit more action wouldn’t hurt.

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