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C Episode 2.. Surprises can still be good!

Yo!.. I know this is like a thousand years late, but workload has been increasing recently (unfortunately money flow hasn’t, wish equivalent trade principle would really exist). Anyway, I was able to watch this episode just now, and couldn’t wait to write about it. Before the actual review, let me just tell all of you one thing: Life can still give us nice surprises…

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AnoHana First Impression

AnoHana, isn’t an Automatic Custom Rifle (ACR), but a Sporting Purpose Automatic Shotgun (SPAS 12).  Specifically, engineered to intoxicate the 1990’s generation with so much nostalgia it’s more addictive than heroin with a few roofies (That one’s for u JglzA).

Stop fighting bitches. You'll all get a chance to suck my cock. Seriously, you should watch the part where these girls go at it. It's ugly and immature.

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Moshidora episodes 1 & 2

Finally the most delayed show of the season starts, and boy do they have a bunch of catching up to do… 10 episodes in 2 weeks! Thats going to keep me quite busy. So to keep my sanity I’m going to do 2 eps at a time.

So here we have the ony sport anime of the season, Softeni does not count I don’t care what you say. Major has shown us that Baseball is popular and requires spirit to play, while One Outs showed us that it is also quite technical and now Moshidora looks to show us that above all Baseball is a team sport.

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Hanasaku Episode Four

With the introduction of Wakura Yuina – the granddaughter of the rival hot springs inn – and the really large Grey Heron, our cast of characters is complete.

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Madoka Magica Eleven & Twelve: Madoka Becomes a God

As Madoka learns of the sacrifice that Homura had made for her – turning back time, reliving the same moments, fighting the same fights, over and over again – all to save Madoka from becoming a Puella Magi, and ultimately a Witch, Madoka makes the ultimate sacrifice for Houmra, and all the other Mahou Shojou across the globe.

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Impressions: X-Men

Given that its 3 episodes already, this will just be an “Impressions” post as opposed to a First Impressions post.
In a nutshell i’ve been pretty impressed with X-Men so far, it’s officially way better than both Iron-Man & Wolverine put together.

X-Men Cast
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Future diary anime adaption!

The legacy of death note continues, while code geass played on the combination of mecha and death note-ish Zero. Future diary is akin to battle Royale + death note the book. Violent, supernatural and totally gripping since characters do die just like that they do in deadman wonderland. Definitely worth waiting for, been collecting the manga so far (yes, real books) and worth every penny.

Esuno began the Future Diary manga in 2006, and the main series just ended last December. Tokyopop published the 10th Future Diary manga volume in North America on April 12, just days before announcing that its North American publishing operations will end next month. The 12th and final volume of the Future Diary manga is shipping in Japan on April 26, and the Future Diary television anime will premiere this fall.



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