Level E Episode 12… Luck of the uglies

Hey there! It’s been a while since I last posted about Level E, but don’t think I forgot about it, it was just that work keeps falling from the sky (wish it were money instead of bare work… be careful what you wish for.).

Anyway, we got the pre-final episode aired and it brings 2 good things along with it: It’s an arc opening and Tsutsui is in it.

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Before you start commenting about which side I bat, let me tell you why I get so excited whenever Baka and the baseball player get together. It’s just that some characters get better when they have a proper nemesis in screen. Baka’s jokes are always amusing, but when they get along with Yukitaka’s reactions they become hilarious (As an example, take episode 11 scene where Tsutsui spins Baka around out of pure rage..)

Again we can see how well Level E introduces new characters in record time. Baka’s brother and fiance make their appearance and after 5 minutes you can feel like you know them from long ago. The princess is all blind love and tenderness, but even knowing how Ouji usually behaves, she still supports him because of his intellect and capacity to amuse her, although she has never met him in person.  (I know there are some cultures where this is a normal behavior, but for me it’s just nuts and kinda psychotic). Anyway it is, I want one of those!

Younger brother seems like an antithesis of Baka in the beginning: responsible, determined to find his brother and “help” him become crowned king of Dogura, nice with people and supportive with Princess. Somehow I later got the feeling that he might have some ulterior motives to pursue Baka so eagerly. I know he’s in love with the princess (for those who don’t know, in anime’s dialect blushing when someone asks about your feelings for someone else means “yeah, I wanna f… all for  her/him”).

Another thing I liked was Kraft and his crew working along with the prince for a change. The bodyguard’s reactions are pretty funny when he’s mocked by Baka, but this time we got the same hypocrisy applied to help him accomplish his goal. That shows that Kraft puts his people wellness over his hate for Baka actions (whenever they collide)

Somehow I get the feeling that this time the prank could be on Baka instead of the other way around. It would be good for the final episode to give a spin off on the plot managed during all the show and let us see Baka get a little taste of his own medicine. Unfortunately I don’t think that will happen and everyone will suffer but him. Bad good guys usually have good luck…

Good episode, probably not as hilarious as I would had liked it, but the seriousness and oddity were finely balanced. Only one important question remaining: what the hell were the 2 aliens laughing about when they watched TV static???…. oh yeah, and what was the document the princess sent to Baka?.

Second question shall be answered in final episode, but first one could be left open forever…

Ja ne!


5 Responses to “Level E Episode 12… Luck of the uglies”

  1. 1 April 2011 at 4:52 am

    The prank was on Baka last ep, too, remember.

    The TV static was probably some alien broadcast into Earth talking about how they’re all idiots, and/or it was a cut-off satellite connection, reminding them of how funny it is that they walled in the entire Earth.

    Thus the prank may be on Baka this episode, judging from just that one scene.

    Also, the second question isn’t much of a question to be asked, is it? 😛

    • 1 April 2011 at 6:26 am

      Hmm, good point in relating the TV static with the walling, didn’t thought about it.

      About last episode’s prank, it was more like a vengeance, and we’ve seen Baka receive what he deserves many times before (remember the Color Rangers’ golden fist?). This time I’m thinking of something more Baka-istic, like if he won’t find out it’s all a prank until the end.

      About the second question… I know, I just needed some more characters to complete my fee.. 😛

  2. 3 Cal
    2 April 2011 at 8:56 pm

    I don’t think it’s a walling thing. I remembered that Baka loved to watch the static at the beginning of the series.

    Perhaps it’s the author’s way of illustrating the conspiracy theory that the static are actually encrypted messages from outerspace!

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