Fractale 11 – Final – The power of decisions…

Just a few minutes ago, I was talking with someone close to me about the power of decisions and the ability to make them. Every single person in this world has in his hands the power to drive his life in the direction that he/she considers correct. Even though, the courage to take those choices and follow them until the latest consequences is a rare and valuable gift. Most of the people will consult with half a city before daring to raise a hand, and unfortunately, nobody can provide any advice that is 100% accurate  except yourselves (that’s right, not even daddy, you little pussies..) why? Simply because nobody knows you and your life as well as you do. Nobody can tell what you’re capable of doing or standing except you. And more important, nobody will have to live with that choice’s results except you.

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Sounds a little deep for an anime post, but this episode made me realize the real meaning behind Fractale’s plot (don’t misunderstand, I still think that this show would have been better if it were only 5 episodes long…). Although I was blinded by the outrageous environment shown in the first episodes, I came to notice in these last 3 ones that the most interesting details were moral and psychological, not social.

We found out how Nessa and Phryne conform the key to restart Fractale system. By been a being spliced in soul and body, they were able to experiment different experiences during 1000 years before finally becoming a god. And this is probably the part that got my attention the most: What made the original Phryne special wasn’t any kind of superpowers, omnipresence or omniscience, but the enormous capability of being happy in the world she had to inhabit. Correct me if I’m wrong, but we get the allusion that original Phryne lived in a time similar to ours, she had around 16 years old and was pretty cute. But something odd was also shown, her behavior was insanely childish for her age. She was extremely spoiled and volatile (at least I got that impression from the short video). And this was probably caused by her father’s abuse, affecting her psyche and making her shell herself inside an innocent and lovely layer of defences. Not a strange event in our time, but the way it was allused was just sublime. Somehow, Fractale System creators made use of this attitude in order to create the system and its blessings and spread it along the world for human wellness. And that was also what the pervydad refered to when he said that in order to become the soul’s vessel she had to acknowledge love and suffering, because the decision of saving the world as it was had to be voluntary and borne inside her based on feelings and ideas gotten from the world she would save in the end. Nice!

Lost Millennium’s goals were cleared in the end and they became smarter under my sight. As an agnostic, I’m convinced that there are higher powers unknown and impossible to understand by human beings. Hence, there is no logic reason behind the existence of humans claiming to be able of interpreting godly word for us, and even less to judge the way we live based on that word. Once the Temple was destroyed the activists conformed with being free of an institution heading the whole world’s government and dictating the way people had to live or interact. But they accepted that Fractale’s benefits would need to be gradually and voluntarily abandoned, and since nobody would be able to restart it again in a thousand years, it was an inevitable end for the utopian artifact (1000 years is a lot of time… I wouldn’t call it “inevitable”… wait, I just did.. damn!).

Clain.. clumsy, plain, boring, pussy Clain. I never thought highly of this boy, and after the show’s finale I’m still the same. His only skill was making Nessa and Phryne feel so sorry about him, that they would put their own differences apart and work together to save the world. Finally he got what his naughty mind desired since the beginning: Nessa and Phryne in a 2-in-1 pack. What really bothers me is knowing if his father made it alive until the system was restarted (and hopefully its benefits reached the zone he was at) so that he could get well just to keep being absent of his only child’s life.  His mother was a complete riddle since the beginning and I have no interest on finding out what or where she was.

Final comment:

Another hyped show that leaves a lot for us, the scavengers writers that like to feed up of fallen ideas and their controversy. The beginning made me look forward for so many different options that I wasn’t able of accepting what I watched every week. I saw a lot of characters being introduced that never really made any contribution to the plot, speaking of which, it opened so many questions that didn’t get even the most minimum attempt of solving clue that it’s traumatic for people like me to keep shuffling different suppositions just to never receive an answer.

But I won’t call this a bad show either. It was way above most of the shows that aired this season and many more from before. It was amusing and lovely to watch Nessa moeness grow up every week, and the few questions that got an answer where cleverly and maturely managed. I liked the ending, where the main characters get to live a happy life (at least apparently), not in the way we would have wanted (Clain and Phryne in a paternal role and Nessa as the cute little pet that won’t age forever…), but in a realistic situation with a glimpse of fate…

Rotten Tobaccos Rate: 7.5/10 (Probably not worth the emphysema, but one taste won’t hurt)

2 Responses to “Fractale 11 – Final – The power of decisions…”

  1. 1 Jye
    3 April 2011 at 6:57 pm

    This is probably the best (level headed) analysis and summary blog post I’ve read in conclusion to Fractale so far. A couple of insights there I hadn’t thought of such as the ‘original’ Phryne being a character representative of us and supposed to be a beacon of hope for us to make our own decisions. (I hope I’ve interpreted what you’ve said correctly?) I like it.

    I like how you’ve identified the positive and negatives, yeh there were a lot of directions the show could’ve gone, but on the whole the way it went wasn’t too bad. It wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t amazing either.

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