Kimi no iru machi 130… All women are the same…

Well, nothing much has happened with Haruto and Eba since the last post. On the other hand, Haruto and Azuka are starting to show off their real feelings and this could be the signals we needed to predict the winner lady…

After going with Eba to the amusement park, Azuka’s optimism cover out for Haruto’s stupidity (c’mon, you ran like crazy to get a different phone lace and you keep the old one in your jacket’s bag?… ). Well, it’s not like he’s completely dumb, I think he’s just in love and can’t keep his head straight. Of course I’m talking about Yuzuki when I say “love”!

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Destiny seems like playing its part in this mess. After several months of planning out the summer trip, now Azuka has some family emergency that forces her to return home and leave Haruto free to meet Eba at Hiroshima during vacations. Of course Azuka doesn’t know Eba is gonna be there, and Haruto won’t speak it out unless completely necessary.

Now then, would it be possible that Azuka found out about Eba and is leaving Haruto an open door just to test his love for her? Somehow I feel she does. After the copies incident (remember the “This is the day Azuka and I will do it” joke), she’s shown some insecurity towards her boyfriend, probably because it’s been 3 years and the little pussy hasn’t made any move on her (c’mon, you may be a charming prince, but hormones should still be there!) revealing some lack of attraction towards our cute baseball player.

Yuzuki on her side, is moving slowly but steadily towards a reconciliation (I love the subtle way she’s coming back into his life!). By appearing every now and then by the store, (what a coincidence!.. reading magazines at store in your birthday… hmmm!), by making awkward comments in from of him and specially by showing off that maturity she seems to have acquired during the time they were separated (the way she waited to remove Kanzama’s necklace in front of Haruto was a master hit, and then mentioning “moving on.. with you” was the cherry in the top!), it’s almost impossible that Haruto won’t realize that he still feels something for her, stronger that what he feels for his current girlfriend (he knows it!.. the necklace proves it!). And hopefully he will make a move…

Let’s see what happens during the come back to Hiroshima, all I ask for is for Azuka not to be harmed too much… but wtf!, Yuzuki was there first!!

6 Responses to “Kimi no iru machi 130… All women are the same…”

  1. 7 April 2011 at 4:30 am

    Well think it’s pretty much impossible to ask for Azuka to not be hurt too much. If it happens it will be a hard hit emotionally.

    Should be interesting to see how it all turns out. I’ve been hanging in there for some time to support Haruto and Yuzuki, but at this point I say forget it. There has been way too many chances there and they’ve managed to turn me against them.

    At this point all I can say is if they do end up getting together in the end that I hope they both get run down by a bus :).

    • 7 April 2011 at 4:43 am

      I actually had thought of a tsunami instead of trailer, but think both work out… 😀

      Based on personal experience, I think that they’re just scared of moving out of their comfort zone and being hurt again… Still some hope in me for them..

      About Azuka, I get the feeling that somehow she’s helping them out get together. If that’s the case probably the emotional scar won’t be that big.

  2. 8 April 2011 at 6:29 am

    Based on Seo Kouji’s manga style, the short haired girl nearly always wins. lol

  3. 15 April 2011 at 8:35 am

    We all know that it’s going to be painful, but he’s going to get back with Eba.

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