Level E 13 – Finale… That’s how you end a show!


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That’s the only word looping around my head right now. I couldn’t think of a more predictable and yet unexpected ending for this incredible show. Probably most of the people will say that not having a plot is something bad, other may yell that so many characters appearing for a single chapter is confusing, and a minority might complain about animal abuse (poor Craft!)… but the truth is that this is something I hadn’t seen before, and I loved it! (Not Craft…)

So, we finally reached the bottom line, and with it, we finally got to see Baka tricked by someone (told ya!).  After expending all last episode running away from Luna, he finally settles down to fight back. A direct confrontation of intellect, wit and malice.. one on one.

Right when we could all think that Baka had won, tadda!, princess strikes back making a double twirl move and leaving Baka (with all and his almighty IQ) completely grounded and his plans fired back at him. Somehow I felt like he won in the end (Have you seen princess’ closely??.. I want one of those for Christmas!.. cute, smart, psycho… what else could you ask for?).

From the start of the episode I was laughing, and I couldn’t stop until the end. This is just what Level E is.. a big serious joke!

Final Comments

Great show!. Although there were some episodes that kinda lost the series’ feeling, they were quite interesting although. For not having a defined plot and handling quite a bunch of characters, in the end you can notice that all of it was part of a whole. Every single detail can be related to how Baka behaves, why Craft and company do what they do (getting beaten up by Disckonians was hilarious!), and why Tsutsui will demand a medical insurance for next baseball season (ulcers can be dangerous.. visit your doctor periodically).

By far, the baseball player/psycho prince couple was the funniest I’ve seen in a while. Even though they felt kinda awkward in the beginning I started to miss their fights right away. Color Rangers were totally awesome, almost wanted to download Power Rangers movie (said almost..). Probably the lustful princess arc was the weakest of all, but it made me laugh so it’s fine.  Final arc is a masterpiece of bullshit and witness.

As I said before, every episode can be considered predictable, but I bet those of you who watched them had to hold your mouth for not laughing out loudly at times, or were totally pissed off with Prince at others, or felt pity for Craft in most of them, but in the end I can assure that you all enjoyed this anime.

If I have to find one mistake in this show it would be probably that it was too short…

Rotten Tobaccos Rate: 9/10 (Who wants to live forever??.. so, Boot the gong, babe!)

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  1. 11 April 2011 at 9:36 am

    Damn, the troll got trolled

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