Steins;Gate episode 1

Synopsis: Steins;Gate is about a group of friends who have customized their microwave into a device that can send text messages to the past. As they perform different experiments, an organization named SERN who has been doing their own research on time travel tracks them down and now the characters have to find a way to avoid being captured by them.

Our main character, Rintaro Okabe, is a self-proclaimed (but actually not; also, probably insane) mad scientist. That by itself immediately caught my attention. It’s interesting how, in a Haruhi-esque style, his delusions about ‘agencies’ and being pursued will come to pass, and I wonder how he will react to that – will he take it as business as usual or will he suddenly turn serious now that his threats are real. I feel that he will take it more seriously to protect his friends, as he does seem attached to them. I also note that, albeit delusional, he does seem to know his stuff, as he recognizes Makise and points out similarities between the professor’s paper and Titor’s book. That raises my hopes that he’s not just some lunatic and that he’ll become a good main character.

The two other characters of his ‘lab team’ both seem to be rather linear and shallow – at least as of now. One typical childish airheaded girl, and a typical fat otaku nerd who can’t handle direct sunlight. Meh and meh. They both accept Okarin, though they are skeptical about his theories and ideas, and it seems from their conversations that the three are quite friendly.

Steins;Gate’s plot is also immediately engaging – mysterious time travel and inconsistent memories oh my! Actually, the first part of the episode seemed like something out of a mystery novel. Makise’s murder and reappearance, the satellite, Okarin’s experience, etc etc etc – a lot of mysteries that will be answered as the series progresses. Though if Chaos;Head is any example, they will be answered with more mysteries o_o


To sum it up, the first episode leaves us with a very interesting main character, a plot bursting with potential, lot of questions and not much to comment on outside of speculation. Makise Kurisu will most likely make her entrance as a character next episode, and the characters will probably discover the secret of the SUPER TIME TRAVELLING MICROWAVE. I’ll definitely be coming back for the next episode and probably the whole series, because who doesn’t like a good time travel mystery mindfuck?


6 Responses to “Steins;Gate episode 1”

  1. 9 April 2011 at 4:02 am

    Great first episode! Characters so far are really fun to watch, and that story line sounds really interesting anything dealing with time travel can be really fun.

    Love those eyes too really nice 😛

  2. 10 April 2011 at 10:45 am

    I think some1 jacked my anime of the season

  3. 10 April 2011 at 12:41 pm

    Okarin is totally awesome.He reminds me a little bit of Satou from Welcome to the NHK lol

  4. 5 jGLZa
    11 April 2011 at 5:52 am

    I’ve had to watch this episode twice already and still don’t know what’s going on. I approve!

  5. 30 July 2011 at 6:35 am

    After re-watching episode 1, since I’m waiting for episode 18… ^ . ^ I am totally shocked when Kurisu said Okabe wanted to talk to her 15 minutes ago. Anyway, Okarin is amazing. But I feel sorry for him.

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