Freezing 12 – The Beginning

So it finally comes to this climatic finale of the season, excitingly titled Satelizer vs Pandora – you just know some sh!ts gona go down or at least we hope.

For those who haven’t watched the past few weeks, in a nutshell… We’ve been watching a bunch of pandora’s (female warriors with special powers) train and b!tch with each other until their academy came under a large scale Nova (the bad guys) attack. Now the main protaginists are the last line of defense between the Nova and the sacred First Pandora, sh!t is going down!

Smiling Monster

Picking up right where the previous episode picked up we see panova (Pandora’s absorbed by Nova’s) Cathy/Cassie self destruct after her battle with Satella. Satella being to beat-up is unable to move out of the way of the blast and is a sitting duck until Ganessa-senpai throws herself in the way taking the full brunt of the blast and saving Satella’s life. But the explosve blast is too strong for and she ges both her arms blown off – yeah, if theres one thing this episode does, its that it turns up the gore factor 10-fold. As Ganessa falls Clive(Arthur) rushes over to help but he is too late, Ganessa appears to be gone. Tears are shed for her valiant sacrifice.

Clive(Arthur) then has his life saved by Satella as Cathy/Cassie reappears with usual volt weapons and not the panovamode weapons but she is still being controlled by the Nova. But this time round Satella is more than a match for her as she too goes into nova-mode and beats Cathy like a ragdoll. Limbs are sent flying, Satella really goes to town on her. She finally frees her from Nova control by ripping the enlarged stigma from her chest.

Meanwhile, whilst Satella was dismembering Cathy/Cassie, Chiffon Fairchild was taking care the other panova which made it into Ravensborne Nuclecheode. I was very much bummed out that we didnt get to see this fight as I’ve been waiting forever to see Chiffon in action especially when they revealed her volt weapons which look like the Durga’s from Bayonetta.
Chiffon & Co. however don’t know that they need to remove the stigma from the panova’s to kill them and the last remain Nova uses the stigma to teleport right into Ravensborne Nuclecheode!

The remaining Pandora with Chiffon taking point get ready to take on the Nova, but the Nova have one more trick up their sleaves. The stigma which Satella ripped out of Cathy/Cassie (why she still has it her hand, God only knows) acts up and starts to possess her.
Side Note: The synthetic scream she lets out, freaks me the p00p out!

The possessed Satella freezes all the other pandora around forcing them to switch on Pandora-mode, which the more I see it, the harder I facepalm myself owing to how lame it looks. Also it seems that when frozen, the law of gravity does not apply as everyones skirts just seemed to float up and stay there.

Pandora mode is ineffective though as Satella’s freezing field just increases nulifying pandora mode and allowing the Nova a free path to the First Pandora.

And making a hero’s entrance, Kazuya steps in and super freezes everything. Once everyone takes a moment to marvel at Kazuya’s freezing power (and put on their orgasm faces, which makes me think about what Erienbar-set really is?)  and being able to move again, Chiffon wastes no time in taking charge and instructing everyone to attack the Nova.

Thanks to Kazuya’s intervention Satella manages to sprout those colour wings again and overcome the Nova’s control in time enough to deliver the final blow. And forget going for the core, Satella cuts right through the Nova and in the process looses all her clothes, as you do.

In the epilogue we see Kazuya saying good bye to Cathy/Cassie who is fully recovered and has both arms back, which doesnt make sense as Ganessa is still in hospital and bandages after having sustained the same amount of injuries??

Kazuya makes his way back to Satella dorm room as she finally intends to formally perform their baptism, only to have her plans spoiled by Rana who suspects some leud intentions and decides to do some seducing of her own. A great episode spoiled right there.

Lastly after the credits roll, we see Sister Margaret talking to a man in the shadows over the phone about how the stigma are a double edged blade. He retorts by saying that this makes them more powerful and ends the call saying that “this is only the beginning“. Its then revealed that the man is none other than Professor Aoi who I can only assume is Kazuya’s father (should have guessed it myself, he told her he was hanging up, those Aoi’s, always polite)… hmmm, guess those NGE parallels weren’t so far off.

Also this ending makes a not so subtle hint at a possible second season. I don’t know how much of the manga has been covered so far but I sure do hope they make another season.

4 Responses to “Freezing 12 – The Beginning”

  1. 11 April 2011 at 9:35 am

    As far as the manga goes, I think it has room for a new season, but hopefully the organization of events will be much better than the one we had for Freezing.

    Anyways, I thought Freezing 12 was definitely a good end to the crescendo built up in episode 11. Aside from being quite fantastic, readers of the manga will notice that there’s quite a difference to the ending, thus making this anime ending original. By pulling off a pretty good original ending, I think the Freezing staff actually did quite well. Not that it was “spectacular”, but as far as anime-only endings go for the Winter 2011 seasons, I’d have to say it’s one of the best

    • 2 jGLZa
      11 April 2011 at 1:13 pm

      Ah thanks fo the info. I definately think that Freezing got much better as it progressed. All the eiisodes after the retarded beauty contest were really exciting.

      I may actually give the manga a read to see what the other ending is. I hope they don’t pull a HOTD on us though and leave us hanging, but like you said it was a good ending and would it would be perfectly fine if they left it like that.

  2. 11 April 2011 at 9:40 am

    After Kurokami and Freezing, I wonder if any other of IM DAL Young manga/manhwa works will ever be animated again.

  3. 14 April 2011 at 6:29 am

    YAY IT’s OVER! 😀

    Freezing was really interesting at the start with all the fighting and gore, sadly things began to get really dull after that point. Sure they had plenty of fanservice moments but even that couldn’t keep me watching plus the quality was just crap. A few fun characters like Rana however kept me watching till the end! I didn’t care to much for Satellizer at all.

    Overall poor story and poor characters.

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