SKET Dance episode 1

Synopsis: The manga is about three highschoolers who start a club called “Sket-Dan” made for the purpose of helping people. The club consists of three members. Himeko Onizuka “yankee”-girl who has a weakness for cute things; Switch a smart, otaku who talks through a computer. And the leader Yuusuke Fujisaki aka Bossun who the creater of the club.

After Poro robbed stole jacked leeched ate claimed Steins;Gate, I had to find a new anime to blog. I settled on SKET Dance, and I feel that I made a good choice.

SKET club or gtfo

As I started watching this anime, I believed that it would be a comedic show with quirky characters and mostly simple, episodic plots. Turns out that I was completely right (at least for the first episode). I got thrown off initially by the focus on the rather normal new student Sugihara Teppei, who turned out in the end to be a one-episode type of character. Fortunately he is soon assisted by the SKET-dan who will be our main protagonists.

Yes, yes, you are

We have the pointed-hat-and-goggles-wearing leader of SKET, Yusuke Fujisaki or Bossun, who provides a majority of the brains of the SKET-dan. He seems to be the type of person who will help anyone at any time, which of course is also the central principle of SKET. Next is Onizuka Hime AKA Himeko, the muscle of SKET who is a master with a field hockey stick. She claims to have had a slightly ‘rough’ past, meaning that she was probably a delinquent or mass murderer during middle school. The third and final member is Usui Kazuyoshi with the pseudonym of Switch, an extremely talented stalker computer user who is able to get anyone’s personal information quickly (a very… useful talent). In favor of speaking with his mouth, he types and speaks through his computer. Switch must be a hella fast typer to type as fast as a regular person speaks.

Although Bossun’s the leader, and although he has his super overdrive thinking mode that I damn well wish I had for taking tests, I find the other two characters more interesting. I’m interested in Himeko’s ‘rough’ past – generally you don’t think of delinquents or serial killers as the kind of people to be willing to help people with all tasks, like the SKET-dan does. What kind of event, I wonder, could make someone change in such a way? As for Switch, I hope that we find out why he speaks through a computer – Bossun sort of hints (at least I think it was a hint) that we’ll find out when he claims that not even he knows the reason for Switch’s actions.

And that concludes the three main characters. This seems like the sort of show to introduce characters for each episode that have a role only for that episode and vanish afterwards (e.g. Teppei, probably). There will probably be some other regular characters appearing in the future, like the student council president who appears in various scenes and asks about the SKET club at the end of the episode.

gets all the girls

And now for my concluding paragraph: SKET dance looks good. First off, it’s very funny, as most people probably expected. In addition, it has a varied and very unique cast of characters, doubtless with more to come. The first episode set the stage for some really deep character development. Finally, the art is great and the ED is okay too (though that’s not much of a factor :]). Looking forward to more laughs and more entertainment from the next episode (which with the lateness by which I posted this, comes tomorrow >.<).

6 Responses to “SKET Dance episode 1”

  1. 14 April 2011 at 11:25 am

    I wonder if Switch speaks through his computer because his real voice is shameful, haha. I like Himeko too; a girl with a field hockey stick is a deadly weapon. Those things are just made to whack with strength and precision!

  2. 14 April 2011 at 2:55 pm

    This was a good start for the adaptation, since the manga started off not that great.

    You got it spot on with the characters of the week though, although most of them end up being recurring roles.

    Some of the future characters will be really funny, some even 4th wall breaking haha. Can’t wait to see more of this.

  3. 14 April 2011 at 8:19 pm

    The student council will be having an excellent cast as well, they are pretty cool when the time comes. The back story of both switch and himeko will be covered in short flashback arcs in the future. Think of it as the gintama style – most of the time you get goofy episodes which gives you a hearty laugh. When the serious arcs come, you will be captivated and be drawn to the edge of your seat! Looking forward to the remainder of the series!

    P.S. I shall return soon

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