[C] Episode 1.. Wanna make a deal?

Here we are again.. after a nice 3 weeks hiatus, I finally got something more to write about. Past season shows left me with a good impression (still waiting for Madoka to end.. 04/21, almost there!!) and new season shows seem to be doing pretty good during their initial episodes.

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As stated in the Spring Review, I will be blogging [C] The money of bla bla bla… (too much to remember after just one episode..). Yeah, Noitamina again,  and I just hope this time I’m able to watch some really amazing show, although gotta say i won’t rise my expectations anymore.

Many comments arrived from people wondering if this show would handle serious topics in a serious manner. Believe me that if that would’ve been the case I would’ve been soo happy… but after watching this episode, I can only think of a digimonized and capitalized version of Alice in Wonderland (Mad Hatter included). Dark places with freak creatures fighting against each other for, yeah.. you guessed.. MONEY!

The initial scene is pretty explanatory. Living in a materialist society, people is forced to consume more than they can afford, and hence bringing economy to balance in a very thin line between bankruptcy and survival. You’re not worth for what you are but for what you have, and that brings the people principles down to a very primary instinct: I gotta have more. And so we have the poor guy sinking in debts with not a single penny in his bank accounts to help him float. Suddenly he picks out his supercalifragilisticespiralidosous black card and enters the so called Financial District. (I really was hoping to see how the crazy cab driver ran over Hogwarts students…) In that place, we’re introduced to Mikuni, a strange guy that apparently rules over the neighborhood and is quite a piece of art while fighting others in what is called a “DEAL”. After fighting with strange creatures summoned in the new world, Mikuni takes the old guys “live points” (presumably money) into his own account, forcing the man to commit suicide in real life…

So far, I thought of all of this as a metaphor for our daily consumerist tasks. Every second that we move along we need to negotiate goods and resources to keep advancing. Take an example, you can go into different stores and look for the bests offers for the stuff you need, once you located the best one, you will be able to exchange it for pieces of paper that are a representation of greater goods and that will endorse your purchasing power. The difference in here is that I don’t think I can’t fight my student discount by releasing my almighty doberman over the shopkeeper (will give it a try soon.. will post on the findings..). So, Mikuni seems to be the Hetalian representation of capitalism, a guy that lives by and for money and that takes advantage over the desperate debtors to rise his funds.

But just as in every tale, we have the one person in the whole universe that can jump out of the sheep bunch, walk counter-wise and think in a manner that will not only change the whole world’s rules, but bring him a highly risky and dangerous future ahead.

In this case, that one guy is named Kimimaro Yoga. A young college student whose only goal in life is settle down and live in peace with his family. For living in one of the most consumerist cities in the world, that’s quite outrageous way of thinking. He seems to be quite responsible and stingy thrifty always pushing for his personal goal. Suddenly his tempted by Kyubey Mad Hatter guy, offering him a high sum loan for his future. When rejected, Masakaki deposits 500k yen in Yoga’s bank account as a well thought bait… and obviously the fish has been captured…

Noticed how many 666 references were made during this episode, starting from the ATM pin?.. Money is eeeeeeeevil! (Give all you have, I’ll sacrifice for humanity’s sake!.. ;))

First Impressions

Nothing new here so far. We’re again presented with a battle anime acclimated in a realistic environment. Current social tendencies are one more time represented and exaggerated to reach a proper stage where fantastic battles will be held until only one survives (OK, I made this last part out of nothing, but accept that it’s just how it sounds…). I can see some elements from other successful shows pulled in here without poor or none disguise. that doesn’t means it will work.

Kept me engaged for most of the episode length, sometimes even had to rewind a little to get the terms and topics that were been alluded. Probably won’t be as deep as I thought before, but will still maintain me amused.

Will let you know if I take another show to blog along with this one, otherwise, we’ll be stuck together with money, battles and white rabbits jumping out of black wholes (0.O)..

Ja ne!

2 Responses to “[C] Episode 1.. Wanna make a deal?”

  1. 19 April 2011 at 6:15 am

    Great first episode! Cool characters, although the character designs don’t really work to well for me. However I can overlook that and just sit back and chill to this show, I liked the credit card monster battle! Really awesome hahaha

  2. 19 April 2011 at 11:26 pm

    Forgot to say that OP and ED are also cool. Nothing out of the scheme, but still pretty enjoyable.. Animation could get better or not, but what really interests me is the plot development, in the end this could get something alike Bacanno! and Durarara!.. with digimon battles involved..

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