Deadman Wonderland -1… thought you had bad luck?

Yo! After the spring season debut I felt highly motivated to start posting again. Since there are so many shows I’m interested in that won’t be reviewed by the rest of the team, I thought on providing some first impressions on them, and if my free time allows me (have other priorities, like work on cancer cure, develop my newly created religion and scratch my… head while watching TV).

One of the animes I was eager to watch is this one: DD. Unfortunately for me (and probably for you, too, since there won’t be many guessings in these posts) I followed the manga closely up to its latest point. And that’s why I can tell you that you will love it once you get hooked to it.

First of all, I got some Fullmetal Alchemist aura on this show. The manga plot is very well developed, including action scenes, psychologically stressful situations, social criticism and what is more important, blood everywhere!. The anime so far seems to follow its older brother closely (perhaps we can wait for an original ending, since the manga is still ongoing.. or if we get lucky, more than one season ahead..), which is perfectly fine for me. Although while reading your imagination can give you that “movement” feeling out of the sketches, it’s always nice to hear the screams in your 9,1 home-theater system all loud!

Moving on to the trama: Ganta is the unluckiest guy in the whole world’s history!. This poor little high school pussy arrives one day to his classroom and suddenly gets attacked by a Red Man, who kills everyone in there (in a very fatuous and extra-bloody manner) leaving just Ganta behind, not before implanting some weird red jewel in his chest. Afterward, Ganta gets processed for the homicide of his classmates and earns a fantastic Death penalty out of it.

Worth to mention that his sentence will be held in the only private prison in Japan, Deadman Wonderland, which shows off as an amusement park, where the whole family can go and enjoy a nice weekend watching prisoners act as middle age slaves to amuse them, sometimes even risking their own lives in the process, but who cares?, they’re already sentenced to die, so it’s better to get some revenue from this social scourge before they pass off  (I would happily pay my whole year’s revenue to watch some politicians perform such “acts” before running out of the country taking all the people profits with them.. :'().

The prison itself is shown during this episode not different to any other place.. there’s the sadistic tsundere chick in charge of internal security and the mad mayor in charge of promoting the unhealthy and disgusting interns situations for money and personal amuse. But the most important facts shown in the end are these 2: The cute moe albino girl that helped Ganta, Shiro. This woman is so cute and interesting that she alone is worth the show. The second one, is the powers deployed by Ganta to save his and Shiro’s lifes.

Give you a free advice: If you haven’t read the manga and know nothing about this series, but you liked this first episode, remain in ignorance as long as you can!. It’s worth every single nail you eat waiting for the next episode to arrive, so don’t spoil yourself reading wikipedia for a crappy summary, better wait for my weekly crappy reviews on them!

Over and Out!

4 Responses to “Deadman Wonderland -1… thought you had bad luck?”

  1. 20 April 2011 at 6:04 am

    I’m completely with you on remaining ignorant being worth it. I’ve read plenty of the manga so few shocks are coming my way.

    But yeah I used to think my luck wasn’t great, but damn Ganta just became the posterboy for horrible life. Close friends massacred, framed for murder, sent to a place where the only question is when you will die….rough.

    Will enjoy watching this series animated.

    • 20 April 2011 at 6:14 am

      Yeah.. I wasn’t gonna review this show, since I already knew the story, but the animation and specially the sound effects made me change my mind… Too bad for my imagination, it’s been quickly put out of use…

  2. 20 April 2011 at 2:11 pm

    Read the manga too, the voice actress for shiro was as I imagined. It’s going to be an awesome thrilling ride

  3. 4 A pretty godamned cool guy
    27 May 2012 at 5:41 pm

    Just watched the 1st and 2nd episode. if you can prove to me this isn’t exactly like superjail i will personally kiss your ass!!!11!!!111!!!!!!!111!!!!

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