AnoHana First Impression

AnoHana, isn’t an Automatic Custom Rifle (ACR), but a Sporting Purpose Automatic Shotgun (SPAS 12).  Specifically, engineered to intoxicate the 1990’s generation with so much nostalgia it’s more addictive than heroin with a few roofies (That one’s for u JglzA).

Stop fighting bitches. You'll all get a chance to suck my cock. Seriously, you should watch the part where these girls go at it. It's ugly and immature.


This is the story of 6

childhood friends

5 alive 1 dead

although they didn’t mean to

the 5 drifted apart

now 1 alive

1 dead

must put the friends

back together again

only for another slice of life

the cake is a lie

the end

Once you see it, you’ll shit bricks

For once in my life, I actually enjoyed doing a summary.  Especially, if you can make 2 arrows in the process. ZING!

because it is anime


We often can tell what route an anime is going to take often within the first few episodes, because often times the time allotment for each part of the anime stays the same.  The World Only God Knows will always be about Kami-neesama amassing a “real-life” harem and never achieving his virtual harem.  The comedy has always been around 60% and the plot 40%.  Just like how lygophile will always be a hoe, no matter how many times he chauffeurs me to Best Buy to play Portal 2 Co-Op mode together. I don’t want to waste 40o dollars to buy an Xbox 360 and Portal 2.  Which is probably why thin-slicing works. 

it's anime, guys

Anohana talks to me directly with metaphors so freakishly nostalgic, it’s downright disturbing.  Nokemon Gold was the first videogame I took seriously.  Except I had, Pokemon Silver because everyone knows that Lugia is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA






better than whatever that Rainbow Bird was.

My pokemon rage is already getting out of hand.

So, it’s this videogame, Nokemon Gold, that the second episode revolves around.  I drown in my pokemon nostalgia as I play Pokemon Black while watching episode 2.

In my defense, this picture is zoomed in 100%

Peace DIE


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