Moshidora episodes 1 & 2

Finally the most delayed show of the season starts, and boy do they have a bunch of catching up to do… 10 episodes in 2 weeks! Thats going to keep me quite busy. So to keep my sanity I’m going to do 2 eps at a time.

So here we have the ony sport anime of the season, Softeni does not count I don’t care what you say. Major has shown us that Baseball is popular and requires spirit to play, while One Outs showed us that it is also quite technical and now Moshidora looks to show us that above all Baseball is a team sport.

The whole premise of the show is stumbled upon by total accident in that Minami aquires Drucker’s Management mistakenly whilst looking for a book on baseball management but owing to her own hard-headedness she persists with it and so begins the show.

We immediately find out that her motivation for being manager is for her sick friend who used to the team manager and in fact Minami admits to not even liking baseball, well at least she’s motivated. Although motivated, she may be a tad bit over-ambitious as I’m not even sure a high school team manager is even responsable for the actually management of the team. From what Ayano does it just seems as if they are just a glorified kit manager or coaches assistant.

Despite her dislike of baseball and her tendency to get embarrassed quite frequently, Minami does seem to be a bit of a tomboy as indicated by the flashback story Yuki told when Minami still played baseball as well as her comment on how tall boys grow. She is cearly very competitive and won’t give very easily. It’s this attitude which will ultimately cause her to succeed in the end. And we all that she will succeed as they tells us that in the opening blurb too the show. Thanks for adding to the mystery I.G.

So far Minami has just been working through the book so far and has already established a definition and objective for the team as well as a ague marketing strategy for the team. All of this as been done behind the scenes and she hasn’t put anything into practice yet. Through her attempts to figure out who the customer of the team is she sets up interviews with everyone to get to know them using Yuki as a mediator. Its this way which we get to learn about who the key characters in the story are going to be as well as how the team is currently doing.

For the time being it seems as if most of the story wll focus Minami & Yuki as well as Asano the teams star pitcher and the coach who seems to have a lot of expertise and knowledge but lacks the courage to get it across to the team.

I like how the show has so far shown that a game can be won or lost by a single game changing moment in both matches so far they happened to be mistakes by Yunosuke and how that affected Asano’s pitching. The coach seemed to know exactly what the problem was but didn’t voice he’s opinion. It’s only until Minami has a talk with him and another teammate voices his concerns about the state of the team that the coach finally puts his foot and taks control.

Point to Minami! Looking forwad to the next episode where she tries to specialize labour.

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