C Episode 2.. Surprises can still be good!

Yo!.. I know this is like a thousand years late, but workload has been increasing recently (unfortunately money flow hasn’t, wish equivalent trade principle would really exist). Anyway, I was able to watch this episode just now, and couldn’t wait to write about it. Before the actual review, let me just tell all of you one thing: Life can still give us nice surprises…

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This show has completely fallen out of my range of forecast. I was waiting for a serious plot, probably with a sense of drama and psycho thriller. Later on, after reading some previews I thought it would be something more like a slice of life show with numbers involved. When I finally watched the first episode I found a battle anime with seinen touches here and there and thought to myself “What the hell, I already picked this for my spring show… let’s give it a chance..”. And I’m really glad I did!

On this chapter we start to figure out how the Financial district works. Every Entre receives a card that allows him/her to enter such district. That card contains not only the record of money that person has under his possession, but also the Asset(s) that will help him attain more earnings. Such Assets, that are shown in the form of fantastic avatars ( I personally liked Mikuni’s the most, but Yoga’s is not bad either!), have to fight each other in order to generate such profits. The battle rules are pretty Pokemonesque, RPGed and simplistic: You have life points (in the form of money balance), you can cast special abilities by expending part of your balance on them. The more you invest in them, the more powerful they will be. If the shot successfully hits the opponent you will have gains. Once you finish a fight, the winner will take part (or all) of the loosers money for himself. Entres have to fight at least once a week, no way out of this rule.

So far you could say “WTF!, another common battle anime! What’s so special about it?”. Well, nothing.. and everything. Although the plot and environment is nothing that couldn’t be imagined by a fresh manga pseudoreader or an anime  part time watcher, there are different details that dragged my attention into it.

First of all, the animation quality. It’s superb! The battle scenes, the character designs and the abilities deployment is something to mention. You can get wrapped into the battle sequences easily, and since there hasn’t been so many of them, neither they last too much, you get a well balanced adrenaline injection during the episodes. Anyone else likes the way the battle directives are given in English? I think all these details were perfectly planned to make the experience more enjoyable, which is something to thank these days…

Second, although the characters aren’t so deeply developed, at least they’re not the cliched adventurer boy in search of fame, glory or Pokethropies… Yoga is actually looking for anything but that, he just wants a common, quite and peaceful life. But like in our actual world, society pulls everyone into a materialist whirl which is hard to avoid. His relationship with MSyu is a little repetitive, and somehow reminds me of Fate/Stay Night, but still can be delightful. The Mad Hatter is just hilarious!. This kind of nob reminds me of Qbey, but with a more sarcastic aura surrounding him, which makes him more amusing and scary at the same time. Mikuni’s darkness is somehow absorbent. We all know he will show his tragic past sooner or later, and that it will explain all his previous and current actions. But in the meantime, it’s hard to define either if he’s on the good or the bad side.

And third, that’s exactly it: the economics analogies. If you’re in high school and are taking some economic or financial assignments, this show could give you some good points to understand how the formers work in reality. Every investor has available resources (bank balance and assets) which will have to be Dealt in order to increase them. Obviously there will always be a risk involved, and usually the negotiating part with the widest assets or the better plan will be the one with the bigger profit. Dude, if this had aired some years earlier I could had become a Wall Street stockbroker!! (or not..)

Questions begin to flow, like what is Mikuni after?.. Will Yoga finally learn how to leave his indifference behind and help MSyu during battles?.. What happens to loosers in the real world?.. What is the black money significance (yeah, FD money, but I mean, does it has any specific motif to be outspread all around real world?)… How and who created the Financial District?.. Why did he/she do it?.. Do you consider Poro/Lygo’s relationship sickly awkward?.. Do you think Royal Wedding should be reviewed by Blindability?.. Any idea why I keep writing dumb questions?

Hopefully these questions will be answered soon.

Very good episode, following up pretty well with the line traced from episode 1. The show is moving on in a steady and interesting line, which may lead us to one of the best shows for this season. Let’s enjoy it while it lasts!

Ja ne!

2 Responses to “C Episode 2.. Surprises can still be good!”

  1. 1 edru
    1 May 2011 at 9:29 pm

    ep 3 brings a bit more seriousness and drama into the series. definitely not your standard battle anime.

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