Steins;Gate 3-4 and some AnoHana 3 thrown in too

My posts are now 100% more comprehensible, because proofreading works!  I didn’t want to have to make 2 separate posts for these two shows.  Simply scroll down further if you hate Steins;Gate to get to the segment on AnoHana.  Just make sure you read the conclusion at the very end.


Steins;Gate definitely has gotten the ball rolling.   All the chess pieces have been in place.  Episode 4 has begun the first move by the Super Laboratory Brigade.  But first, my interesting fact I dug up:

“* 1988–A computer virus created by Cornell University graduate students crashes 6,000 computers, shutting down the Internet for two whole days. Kevin Mitnick is charged with violating the computer network of Digital Equipment Corp.

* 1989–Tim Berners-Lee (below), a scientist working at CERN, a research center in Europe, develops a system for computers to communicate that forms the basis for the World Wide Web. Berners-Lee is now considered the “inventor” of the World Wide Web.

* 1995–The government reports that hackers tried to break into Defense Department computers 258,000 times in 1995 alone. About 65 percent of the attempts were successful. “


Mindrape bitches.

So, it seems that White Fox actually did their research.  Either that or Nitroplus/5pb. did it.  Doesn’t matter, it’s a good conspiracy story.  The extra cool part is that their is actual “evidence” and interesting coincidences that make it seem believable.  Mark Twain can vouch for this with his famous story: “The Notorious Jumping Frog of Calaveras County”.


So random crap happens, Okarin and Kuristina find an IBN 5100 at the shrine of some sexually-confused monk’s temple.  The computer apparently was dropped off 10 years ago by *cough* John Titor in 2001 *cough*

*weeze* excuse me.

*blows nose*

someone who said that a young man might need the laptop.  Coincidence?

Obviously, it’s all a coincidence.  Otherwise, time travel is possible which it isn’t because we are a hundred percent sure the string theory is correct.  That’s why we call it a theory not a law of nature.  No sarcasm here. None. Zero. Zilch. Nada. Amuna.

Although episode 5 came out at the time of this posting, the episode actually has plot movement that requires a post of its own.

AnoHana 3

the people have a barbecue and they bond.  They all start to get along. The end.

Yes, I’m lazy

No, I’m not joking.

don’t give me that face.

save it for the conclusion.


The unifying anthem that puts these two anime together.


I took out the “original” nyan cat/poptart and added the Hatsune Miku version.

::End Edit::

Nyan cat song now with 100% moar moe!

Lygophile got his new laptop after the other had an epileptic seizure and died.  He’ll be posting soon.


1 Response to “Steins;Gate 3-4 and some AnoHana 3 thrown in too”

  1. 7 May 2011 at 1:13 pm

    Do you ever watch those anime porns. I was watching one the other day about a maid. I don’t normally watch these things but my friend gave it to me, because he had to move and didn’t have time to sell it or donate it. I forgot the name of it, but it was about a maid and her maid friends getting naked.

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