Steins;Gate Episode 5

Steins;Gate fashionably 5 days late as usual.  Nonetheless, this episode we have some kickass foreshadowing and -of course- fan service.  You must be wondering what kind of fan service would occur from an anime with a smelly pig, a mad scientist, a tsundere genius, an airhead maid cafe girl, a nekomimi maid, and a girl who specializes in bikes.  Not to mention the cross-dressing miko and the antisocial text spammer.  Let’s find out shall we >:D

Do i even need a caption?

You want a summary? What do you think this is? SparkNotes?

::Spoiler Alert::

There quite a few spoilers :3

::End Spoiler Alert::

Stop staring at the boobs.  I want to talk about the lab… *stare*


God damn it…

As I was saying…

The lab coat pair has appeared!  Despite Makise’s wishes these two are a pair made in heaven.  THEY’RE LAB COAT BUDDIES!! I mean come ON! Screw your childhood friend! Do you want to hearTeuT TooLo~ for the rest of your fucking life?

“Screw your childhood friend” … well, why not?

It isn’t like she’s completely naive and will do whatever you say even if your a fat, fugly otaku like Daru.   Someone should teach me how to be sarcastic.  I really think that I can add it to my posts to make them more satrical and funnier. Besides that I believe I mentioned something about fanservice… Why here it is!  All for your guilty pleasure

>:D mischievous face



you must be asking where is the “tsun”?

There is no tsun

We’ll take a short commercial break here to discuss the plot development and some foreshadowing.  Now, as I have speculated before John Titor dropped off the IBN 5100.  (If not, then you must have taken me seriously when I joked about my need to add more sarcasm.  I haven’t sarcasm’ed a person into a coma but I’m up for the challenge… ) Mayuri the girl who works as a part timer most probably acts as the foreshadowing for the anime considering the rest is just a massive ZOMGWTHBBQQROFCPTERGOEZSOISOISOISOI!! moment.  The show opens with Mayuri holding a pendant.

A pendant shiny and odd looking enough to be a Pokemon badge.  Or a space-time travel license.  After being told to close up shop, she freaks out as if she saw a ferocious TECHNODICK!! don’t push that button unless you’ve already been laid and above the age of 100.  Other than that… DON’T CLICK it!!

You might lose your virginity just watching it.

Mind rape…

Let’s talk about the travel method of SERN -the otherwise known as CERN- aparently as Makise kindly tells us.  They utilize black holes for time travel.  Using this they have to basically have to put matter of three dimensions into one dimension… See how that works.  Which is probably why it comes out as jelly in the end. ..

Now for the climax

from poro w/ luv :3

I have just proven

that Steins;Gate has a niche for you pigs and lygophile is a hoe

I mean studying for grades that will follow his reputation for the rest of his life instead of POSTING it’s not like I’m the best role model.

3 Responses to “Steins;Gate Episode 5”

  1. 1 shiki
    8 May 2011 at 3:02 pm

    “Screw your childhood friend!”


  2. 2 shiki
    8 May 2011 at 3:10 pm

    “Do not try and bend the TsunDere. That’s impossible. Instead… only try to realize the truth.”
    “What truth?”
    “There is no Tsun.”

  3. 11 May 2011 at 12:23 am

    “The show opens with Mayuri holding a pendant”

    I believe you mean Suzuha.

    speaking of which, Kurisu isn’t a raging bitch despite her coming off as a tsundere, so i like her so far.

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