SKET Dance episode 5

Tragically, my computer failed a while ago, leaving me alone, disempowered, and unable to post. Even a format c was unable to bring my computer back 😥 … RIP Sony Vaio.

On a much happier note, I have gotten a replacement.

This time, the SKET-dan investigates the rumor of a ghost and uncovers the truth of it. To be honest, I begin to bore of these extremely episodic plots – five episodes of them should be enough for now. So it makes me happy to see that finally, the mysterious student council will get involved with the story. It was interesting that they had a little subplot devoted to them, where they (arguably) do a job far more important than what the SKET club does and get idolized as a result. I feel like there will be some sort of conflict between the two factions, where each tries to show its superiority in helping people.

The five-member student council seems reasonably devoted to helping others, to the extent of going undercover and risking injury to catch criminals. Though, if you had someone who could punch holes in walls backing you up (Sasuke Tsubaki), you wouldn’t be risking that much injury. Somehow, it feels like the way the student council operates is a lot more… formal, if that’s the right word, than SKET. It seems as if they would have a detailed plan that they operate by, while SKET would sort of just wing it (most of their successes have come from timely observations by Bossun). Perhaps this difference will motivate the student council to try to invalidate SKET.

Seems like the student council has a good portion of interesting characters, and thankfully far more ‘normal’ than the other, mostly supereccentric students that we’ve seen so far. Of course, this is the kind of anime where they’ll all most likely have their own quirks, like super strength in Tsubaki’s case. It seems like the president, Agata Sojiro, has super humility or laziness like me or something like that?

Really, I’m not too interested in commenting on the stuff that actually happened concerning SKET and the ghost (y’know, the main plot). A problem shows up, Switch does some information gathering, Bossun pulls an observation out of his ass (or maybe his goggles) and SKET confronts the evildoer. Same as the past four episodes. Plus, instead of getting someone like Saotome Roman as a side character there’s the terrifying Reiko >.>. I will say, however, that Switch is awesome and the main source of comedy for me. Additionally, his computer has got some hella weird symbols installed.


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  1. 1 . . . .
    21 June 2011 at 4:02 pm

    Two of those “hella weird symbols” are japanese characters… a つ (tsu) and tenten ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ten-ten )…..

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