[C] – TMOSAPC Episodes 3 & 4… Following your old man’s steps

Hey there! Been a long time since my last post, so I hope you haven’t found yourselves a new favorite babbler nor a different blog to read about the shows I’ve been reviewing. If you promise to be loyal I’ll promise to keep posting at least once a week from now on.. .deal?

Weee!.. you can see the excitement in his sight!... Damn!

See what happens when you watch this anime too much??… Suddenly you start negotiating even the water you drink, the air you breathe and the salary that keeps your internet connection working (And no, that wasn’t the reason I was away.. negotiations actually went pretty smooth :D).

After someone told me that episode 3 was gonna put some drama bit into the plot I was eager to watch it and refute that statement. My heart was played with again, (it’s good that Fractale made me disappointment-resistant..), but I actually started enjoying the whole set a little bit more.

I’ve come to realize that this show can be dually watched, according to the mood you’re at when in front of the screen. For episode 3 I had too much stuff stuck into my mind, and barely put attention to the details that came one after the other. All the financial references were obtusely ignored subconsciously but even then I found myself enjoying what I saw. Kimimaro is that kind of guy that if you watch too much too often can drive you crazy and tear your hernia badly. His compulsive indifference and coldness is frustrating for me, sometimes I wish that there would be a key for “Forehead slapping” where the Ctrl key is usually located.

But when looked with objective eyes you can see that his psychological traumas have a reason. His father leaving him after going into bankrupt must have been difficult, and being involved with the Financial District himself has brought out all those bad memories and feelings. Even though, as they say in my hometown: if  you’re already stuck, at least wiggle!. Stop moaning and start acting, otherwise the repercussions could be bigger.

And speaking of those, episode 4 showed the real interesting part of all the FD environment. Remember when Masakaki told Kimimaro that he would be betting his future against the deals. Well, he was literally speaking. It looks like from the moment you accept the loaning on, all your actions will be reflected on the earnings and losses you get while Dealing. And in the case your balance comes to zero, you loose everything you generated by using the black money in the real world. Nice!.. or not so much.

Somehow this reminds me of Madoka’s predicament, I mean, you could build something outrageous as long as you keep getting profits from the deals, but the more money you get, the bigger loosing would impact your life… So you could keep playing low, just like Mikuni and Jennifer have been doing so far, but at this point I think it would be hard to define what parts of your life are in the line and which are safely kept away of the money influence. Also, what would happen to assets when its owner has to leave the district?. Who, how and why created these districts along the world?. What is the real purpose of the black money?. Will Kimimaro learn how to get dressed before the season’s end?

One thing that I noticed is the excellent environment usage that the animators are using for this show. During the teachers confession scene, you can actually feel the suffering and melancholy flowing in the air, increased by the counter lights from the covered window. Not only the faces and voices can give some insight on what the character is feeling, but also the things surrounding them. Well done!

Will have to agree with my commentators regarding that this show is starting to get serious. Although not completely dark, the plot has shown some realistic brushstrokes that keep it in my interested side. And for all of you that don’t get the stocks terminologies, it isn’t that hard:

Asset: economic resources. They’re basically the materialization of the balance an Entre has. The more money you have, the stronger your asset is (well, more the attacks your asset can execute..)

Stock: original capital paid into or invested in the business by its founders. Basically, this means that you will “sell” your asset by parts amongst different investors. Each stock represents the quantity of money that investor paid for his part. The more expensive the stock, or the more you have, the bigger your profit will be if the asset becomes more valuable.

Flations: (In-flation – De-flation) In economics, these are the variances in the general price level of goods and services. Usually, “flations” impact highly in a given stock market, causing big gains or losses. What better way to “attack” your enemy during a deal than hitting him with a huge inflation.. (cynic_mode=off)

As you can see, you can enjoy this show without paying attention to the details, in which case it would be basically some money based Pokemon world, in which Pikachu bleeds quarters and yens and where Charizard won’t play unless you pay in advanced. In case you want to do some homework, you can notice the relations that both therms and actions have with real world (ours, not the one in the anime..) and why are the characters taken their stances.

Remember than in a deal, it’s not about crushing your opponent, but about getting at least a small profit from the final result.

Ja ne!

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