[C] – The money of soul and possibility control – Episode 5…

Yay! Finally will post for this show with a reasonable delay! Not that I have much to say about it, but more I have questions to make and hopefully someone out there will have the answers I want…

Ok, first, I won't be putting any extra phrases in the post's titles... the show's name is long enough to cover for my daily amount of written characters...

C has proved to be an ambiguous anime. While you don’t need to have all the economic knowledge background to enjoy it based on the characters’ actions and reactions only, it’s also fun to take all the analogies and collide them with the plot to make it richer.

This time what got my attention the most was how even after winning or loosing in the deals for a minimum gap, it will have repercussions in the Entre’s real world’s life. Watching Kimimaro run around like crazy looking for those consequences after innocently loosing his deal (and getting Msyu spanked in the process…) somehow triggered a switch inside me: This show’s based entirely in the action/reaction theorem. Duh!, you could say, but think it this way: The whole deals/assets stuff isn’t that interesting by itself, the characters don’t have the deepness required to be memorable (they are more plain and predictable than Yogi Bear or Remi having tea together.. we know who will start crying because of being a living pest and who will die while trying to steal the sandwiches, right?..), all the economics environment is just a language to reflect the theorem (c’mon!, most of the watchers I’ve talked to don’t even know what Wall Street is, but they enjoy every episode completely.. even started hearing of dog’s named “Mezzo” or “Flation” in my block.. so lame…). So, taking all this elements away, what do you have?, well, a teacher that lost his children and wife because of a bad investment, some daddy that killed himself after getting in bankruptcy and a so-called student that is betting his future for money he doesn’t want nor need just because a virtual pet is pushing him to do it…

Even though, I can’t miss even one single episode, and not just because I have the moral responsibility of writing all this babbling every week, but because I really want to know what will be the final mistake that will bring all this system down.

Mikuni supporting all of Japan’s economy over his bare shoulders was a little bit exaggerated, I think. I feel that he’s on the good guys side, and that his goal of controlling the whole Financial District to finally minimize or eliminate its effect over real world is quite commensurable, specially because of his past, but that innocent smile he has is always a sign of some inner demons running free deeply inside someone. Kimimaro might be interesting to him just because of some resemblance Mikuni might find with his younger self, but I still can’t find any special ability or characteristic in the spoiled brat other than feeding his Asset with instant ramen (ok, actually this could be his ability.. man, I would feed my car with chilli-beans if it were dressed the same way as Msyu.. although I don’t think I would get the same results.. :P).

Still waiting to see what will be the little purple-haired girl reason to exist (dude, I can’t even remember her name and I just watched the episode.. :S), but I think she’s gonna be more important than what we have seen so far, not just the love interest, but the cause of some bigger sh*t.

Guess I missed to post all the questions I mentioned earlier explicitly, but if you know how to read between lines you will be able to understand my doubts.. if you do, please reply, if you don’t… please reply.. 😛

Ja ne!

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