[C] The money of soul and possibility control – Episode 6

Wow! I’m breaking my record by posting my reviews less than 7 days after the episode is aired! Hope this doesn’t become and habit or I’ll be forced to spoil my readers, hehehe!

This time the plot is getting mature, introducing new schools of thought regarding the future of the Financial District and Kimimaro equally.

There goes someone's future.. it tastes good with pepper...

First we get to see Jennifer becoming a comedic character out of the hat while trying to convince our protagonist to join her guild. By trying to sell her ideals of destroying the Financial District completely and thus prevent any future impacts over the real world, she introduced in Kimimaro a new thread of action to take during the duels, but I don’t see him supporting that cause anytime soon.

The second approach comes from his opponent this week.  An altruistic, charismatic and (at least apparently) very intelligent young man named Sennoza, who claims that all the effects of losing deals can be prevented by actually “passing” on the fights and himself absorbing the loss of the contrincant. At first sight it could see pretty much interesting, but as mentioned by Mikuni, this way of acting is unreal and highly close-sighted. Since Sennoza is thinking as someone who is only trying to provide for the rest of the people and not someone who will actually tries to solve the issue, his passivity is only postponing the imminent results of the black money entering the real world, and will create a bigger effect once it is torn down by anyone.

As usual, Mikuni comes to settle down all the doubts inside Kimimaro’s head by confidently stating that the only way of trashing the FD’s side effects is by winning and building a stable future based on a strong present. Very nice words for someone who sustains practically all of Japan’s economic circle by himself, and that also is probably the most influential person in the virtual world. Personally I still have my doubts on the Guild’s commandments and ideals, since I think that they’re still to be displayed during an adverse situation. Mikuni is, at least from my point of view, the moral compass of the show, pointing out the direction either salvation could be found, or where it could be absolutely lost. Hopefully the next half of the show will present us with further background on the District’s creation and Raison d’être

Kimimaro… young, ambivalent, irresolute, bipolar Kimimaro… Looks like puberty is finally fading away and this guy is making up his mind at least. Showing his power to manage a deal with minor loss/profit was something that we could expect by now, specially since Msyu has proved to be a very powerful and reliable asset (not to mention the most lovely and sexy Ramen eater of them all…). The way he worked out the decision of which school to follow was more mature than I would have thought of him (I was actually expecting him to start crying out for his mom in the middle of the deal..), by searching up as much information as possible from the main followers of each one of the approaches, we were able to realize some more details about the district and its issues, which I gotta thank, but most important, he was able to come with an approach of himself: protect those close to him, call it Msyu (for whom he’s clearly feeling something already, it’s good that she’s not one of those big-bugger-shaped assets out there…), the old gag from the store where he works, or the purple-haired girl from school (yeah, I haven’t remembered her name yet..).

Go to hell with Japan’s future, f**k the hungry kids from Tanzasomania or whatever, who cares about the opponent loosing 12 kids and 3 wifes… First you gotta protect those who conform your own social core, once they’re safe, you may start thinking about the ones outside… Probably that’s selfish from him, but to be honest  I think exactly the same. Money and properties, and assets, and future possibilities shall be used to take care of your loved ones before anything and anyone else… trying to take too much into you plate can make you lose sight of the right path.

As a side note, interesting to know that the Assets are physical representations of the Entre’s future, although I couldn’t get any conclusions regarding Msyu or Q’s shape from that fact.

As a second note, I was dissapointed about the fight with Sennoza ending the way it did. I really wanted to see Msyu overcoming that Angel asset (which is one of the most imponent shown so far…) but I think that since this is not a complete Shonen show, fights are in second therms with the plot development (which is good as long as the plot is interesting…).  Anyway, I’m not complaining, I just had a flashback to my youth and wanted to see some more blood spilling over the screen (*loading Deadman Wonderlands episode…*)

Ja Ne!

4 Responses to “[C] The money of soul and possibility control – Episode 6”

  1. 22 May 2011 at 10:09 am

    “or the purple-haired girl from school (yeah, I haven’t remembered her name yet..).”
    = you meant Hanabi? Haha, I managed to memorized because Kimimaro has a different tone when saying her name.

  2. 24 May 2011 at 8:34 am

    Aesthetically, it continues to be as hit and miss as always. The story’s finally getting on track, however, which is something that I’ve been anxiously waiting for since the series began. I find the differing schools of thought on the Financial District (Only by utilizing it to its fullest can the world break out of its current stagnation, by destroying the Financial District we’ll most likely avert a crisis, etc.) interesting to think about, as well as the ways they’re implemented.

    Unfortunately, the fights remain as humdrum as ever. Even what could’ve been exciting buildup to a climactic battle was cut away when it didn’t need to. I assume this is because of budget constraints, but still.

  3. 4 dan
    2 October 2011 at 12:50 am

    If Kimimaro decided what he wanted most was to protect the things close to him then the best thing for him to have done would have been to pass then get payed back by Sennoza rather than risk getting beaten.

    Also, Mikuni’s objection to Sennoza seemed to me to be rather petty. along the lines of “well that’s the kind of thing a person who had a rich upbringing and feels strong and confident in their position would do”. I don’t recall Mikuni mentioning any risks to the world or its future based on sennoza’s way of doing things (except for the fact that Sennoza wouldn’t be able to pay off the richer entrepreneurs, such as himself).

    Mikuni seems to think his group is righteous because it tries to minimise its effects on the world, unlike all the other entrepreneurs who are just selfishly trying to win without regard for the repurcussions on the real world, and yet he looks down on Sennoza, saying that it’s more honest to fight for oneself, which is exactly what most entrepreneurs are doing. There’s a major double standard/cognitive disconnect there. I mean seriously, it’s better to have a little effect on the real world and someone’s future as long as you fight for it than to have no effect on the real world or someone’s future when you don’t fight for it?

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