Hanasaku Iroha Episode Seven


Dear Poro: I’m sorry for your gain.

So after casually mentioning that I’d wished I’d picked AnoHana instead of Hanasaku this season, Poro’s very kindly offered to swap. However, rather than just handing it off to him for the remaining 19 episodes, I thought it would be more fun to review Episode Seven together. I have to admit that I wasn’t sure if I wanted to switch with Poro just in case Hanasaku decided to get good again, but after watching this episode… I think I’m ready to say good bye.

Episode Seven had me asking what the point of anything was again. (And there was no fanservice this time around – or at least not any fanservice that anyone really wanted to see.) Again the episode was a story within itself – unrelated to the rest of the show so far, and barely developing anyone in our cast of characters. Yes the focus was on Tomoe, but other than showing us that she had spunk (which, if we didn’t already know before, we had at the very least suspected), the only thing of value was knowing just how dedicated she was to her job – not so much for the job in and of itself, but because of the two little ones under her tutelage. But once bigger things start happening (and please God let bigger things happen in this show) like an upset between Minko and Ohana over Tohru, or an upset between Ohana and Ko because of Tohru, or when Ohana’s grandmother’s icy exterior breaks down and they have an emotional grandmother-granddaughter moment, Tomoe is going to be little more than a shadow of a character in the show. And not that I don’t like Tomoe, but it makes me wonder why the show spent an entire episode revealing very little about a fairly flat character.

Now regarding the unusual returning customers that Tomoe and the others had to put up with, I understand that the customer is always right, but when your staff is being harassed by your clients, shouldn’t management step in and defend their employees? Is this a cultural thing that I don’t understand? Is this an expectation set by my North American upbringing and work experience? (Although, in my work experience, manager’s don’t always stand up for their employees…) Either way, it was nice to see someone do something even if Tomoe was (deliberately) risking her job to do it.

Yup, I’m glad that this is going to be my last Hanasaku review. However, looking at the preview for next week’s episode (and the possibility for some serious drama!)… I have a feeling things are only going to get better. Or so I hope, at least (It seems inushinde’s optimism is rubbing off on me). But that will be Poro’s great pleasure to cover… as well as his great disappointment if it flops.

::Enter Poro::

My internet is a sad pathetic monster dying from frayed cords living in my parent’s basement.  No, I’m not 30 years old living in my parent’s basement.  My modem is.

Well, this is disappointing.  Hansaku Iroha seems to have a problem with fillers.  The author episode with… bondage.  Now this episode of SURVIVAL GAMERS!! which adds nothing to the plot whatsoever.  Nonetheless this show kicks ass when it decides to sit down and do some actual work.  This isn’t one of those episodes.

Basically some weird guests who are dubbed SURVIVAL GAMERS!! visit the ole’ inn to play pretend.  Their pretend meaning playing with extremely dangerous BB guns and stalking the girls in the inn.  Tomoe-onesan~~ (Nakochi and Ohana need to show up in the show more often) decides to get fired on purpose after feeling she has hit a dead end job.  Obviously she gets the opposite effect and we have another happily ever after.  Which reminds me to note that Hansaku tries to make surprise plot twists and the end of each episode.  This anime is going along just as I predicted.  But, watching Nakochi getting stalked is just too fun to stop watching.

too bad my computer’s snipping tool died ;_;

4 Responses to “Hanasaku Iroha Episode Seven”

  1. 22 May 2011 at 8:18 pm

    Aw, hope your snipping tool gets better, haha. Anyways, I literally lol’d when I saw Tomoe’s rape face. She was just too brilliant this episode!

  2. 23 May 2011 at 2:59 am

    While obviously not one of the stronger episodes, I was entertained enough by Tomoe losing her mind/will to work. And honestly, with patrons like that, I really couldn’t blame her.

  3. 3 spiral
    23 May 2011 at 10:45 am

    sadly, anohana is still less watched than this show

  4. 1 June 2011 at 2:17 pm


    *Ahem* I still like Hanairo but like everyone has said, the story has been somewhat off the rails lately and the writing is not as ambitious as it was in the first two eps. Still, it’s not like I don’t enjoy the characters and their predicaments, it’s just that it feels like there isn’t much weight to their actions anymore.

    Regardless, it’s awesome to hear that Bokutachi will be covering Ano Hana now. We can swap ideas and stuff XD

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