SKET dance episode 7

 SKET dance gives a separated couple a love-story ending. Also, an exciting cameo by Bossun’s sister and mother.

This episode, SKET dance’s client is Tetsu nolastname, a high schooler who looks suspiciously like a thirty-year-old construction worker ಠ_ಠ – consistent with SKET dance’s extreme character styles. From his rough entrance, I initially thought he was a delinquent… which he might well be, but he also has an unexpected soft spot for Misaki, his frail childhood friend. An acceptable setting for a romance, though Tetsu probably wouldn’t be the usual main character type of such (think more bishonen and less construction worker). His delinquent/rough side also gets downplayed when Himeko teaches him a lesson (lol).

The story of their childhood was touching, I admired Tetsu’s attempts to cheer Misaki up and brighten her spirits about her condition. Their secret trip to view the sakura ends in failure when Misaki falls into the water – that was sort of a forced event and I feel like Misaki was to blame for frickin’ running around 1 inch away from an open canal when she certainly doesn’t have good physical condition. Well, Misaki’s parents blame Tetsu and he agrees with them, with most of the conflict concerning Tetsu getting over blaming himself. Since Misaki knew Koutaro was Tetsu, she could have avoided a lot of trouble by forgiving Tetsu for the incident through their mails, instead of her sosneaky method of giving Bossun-Koutaro a sweater that fit Tetsu.

It was a nice ending, with Tetsu going to see Misaki off by trying to run along with her train (lol) and eventually going to America to be with her. The story was in the end quite nice in my opinion, and much more serious and deep than any of the previous episodes. While it still irks me that this episode could have been shown as any number from 2-7 and still have made chronological sense, I pretty much expect that from SKET dance now.

Bossun’s family seems relatively normal (though that’s not saying too much for SKET dance). His sister seems highly skeptical about him, immediately believing that he was being scammed or something when she saw him with a pretty girl. I don’t know why really, but she seems like an entertaining character. I hope she makes more appearances, though I’m not sure how she would.

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  1. 1 June 2011 at 2:14 pm

    I love how they included Bossun’s family into this episode, since they weren’t introduced till much later in the manga. It also makes sense for them to take everything out of context, and the dynamic between Bossun and his family is hilarious.

    Makes me wonder how many episodes Sket Dance actually has.

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