SKET dance episode 9+10

To start it off: I don’t like SKET dance.

Perhaps you can see this from my reluctance to post about it. Either way, I’m just throwing out my opinion.

Episode 9 was decent. It had a rather original plotline, especially in the beginning where Bossun tried to explain his merits as a main character (and fails). Very ironic that the main character himself was not able to convince Hinohara that he could be a good main character. Of course, it is very uncommon that a main character focuses on helping people… where by helping people, I mean doing their work for them and not bringing about world peace. Bossun describes it the best: the one word to describe himself is “servile”. And of course to fester the wound, Hinohara sees potential in Switch, Himeko, the Student Council, the samurai dude, and pretty much everyone except Bossun. Tough luck.

An unexpected twist occurs when Bossun gets unintentionally affected by the chemistry teacher’s potion of youth. After Himeko goes crazy over him, Switch proposes that he talk to Hinohara again to perhaps make a more striking impression. Along the way they bump into a number of other characters who respond in various (odd) manners. By far the best encounter (and my favorite moment of SKET dance yet) is with Tsubaki. His reaction…. fitting of his narrowly straight-laced personality, yet unexpected. Oh, and hilarious.

Unfortunately the other characters aren’t as humorous as Tsubaki and fall mostly along the lines of ‘weird’. When Bossun can’t find Hinohara again, the chemistry teacher shows up with an antidote which he gladly takes. Sorry, Himeko. Also, sorry to you for the following image.

Bossun gets a final chance to impress Hinohara when SKET dan stumbles upon him getting his bag snatched. With some nice teamwork (and luck), they manage to stop the thief and return Hinohara’s stuff. A simple and concise ending, not amazing but which I greatly prefer over some other alternatives (see episode 10).

Speaking of episode 10… it really killed this series for me. Let me just go over the plot summary: SKET dance gets a request to investigate a mystery (which by the way involves several new and totally unrelated characters), does some investigation, and then they uncover a twist ending revealing that the culprit was a character who was seemingly innocent and unexpected.

“But wait lygophile,” you say, “that’s the plot summary of episodes 1 and 5!” And I am too busy playing computer games to reply. But if I did reply, it would be along the lines of “yeah, it’s almost the SAME goddarn thing as TWO other episodes of the TEN so far.” And let me also say that the twist endings aren’t even cool or entertaining. They mostly involve Bossun hearing some testimonials, doing some pointless investigation, then pulling a wad of Deus Ex Bossun out of his ass. (For those who are not linguistically inclined, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deus_ex_machina). Really, the only valuable part of this episode in any way was the parody of Kimi ni Todoke in the beginning. That was humorous even though Switch’s portrayals of Yano/Yoshida made me cringe.

I won’t drop this yet, since it is funny sometimes (if I wanted anything plot-related out of this I would have dropped it on episode 4). But I really don’t expect anything anymore from it, outside of the final episode or two where I REALLY HOPE TO GOD that there’ll be some sort of plot or character development. Cross my fingers and hope for the best.

4 Responses to “SKET dance episode 9+10”

  1. 1 jGLZa
    15 June 2011 at 4:15 am

    Whats not to like about it? It has a hot hockey chick in it, nuff said.

  2. 3 blindability
    15 June 2011 at 9:57 am

    If you don’t like it, you don’t have to review it…

  3. 16 June 2011 at 7:07 am

    this season seems to have so much comedy anime that i can’t really get into Sket Dance.

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