The iDOLM@STER – Episode 1: First Impressions

Konichiwa mina-san! I’m Thaivu22, the new writer of Team Zero! I’m looking to work with the group. As the Ero-Shounen that I am, my first post must obviously include: CHICKS which should of course start with puppy shots!


What I meant was:

This kind of Puppies!!

The friendship between Hamsters and Puppies has been proven

Funny Fact:

I remembered when mangaka Kentaro Miura decided to take a break from the popular dark-fantasy Berserk.  The reason why he decided to take frequent breaks was pretty hilarious and at the same time controversial among fans. He decided to buy an Xbox 360 and play “The iDOLM@STER”. Miura is a well-known MOE otaku. Now Berserk is on irregular release. Well, he’s rich anyway, at least rich enough to not work, LOL.

What is iDOLM@STER?

You got this Idol agency called 765 Production which contains about 12 or 13 potential idol stars. When you have this much of a giant staff,  we, the n00bs who know nothing about the game, are just bound to get confused and get tired for trying to remember who in the blue hell is that X-girl’s name.

I take dibs on the busty blue-haired

It’s harder to remember or care for any character when about 90% of them are limited to one or two stereotypes. Some are either extremely dumb or unbelievably boring. One of the only characters I seem to remember is Iori Minase, but negatively. She’s simply guilty of being voiced by RIE KUGIMIYA. Her voice is still hunting me. I swear that one day my ears will bleed out. My favorite IDOLM@STER so far is Makoto Kikuchi, the tomboyish idol. Tomboyish girls always seem to be the cutest when they are teased in shoujo manga in my opinion, lol.

Stop the Rie Invasion!!

A totally new way to start, But…:

I really did not expect the 2nd iDOLM@STER anime adaptation (yes, second lol) to take the form of a documentary in its first episode. In a way, it is original as no other anime has tried to do this sort of thing… I think, since there is no certainty to my claim. It was cool to know to get a fair and short representation of what is an idol and the harsh reality that not all of them become instantly successful. However, did the episode’s concept work out well enough to make the show interesting?  My answer is NO!

Unpopular idol is unpopular

The concept works for viewers like me who are used to watching idol reality shows – for example: AKBingo which is the TV show about the popular and “never-stopping to grow” pop idol group AKB48. But what makes AKBingo fun to watch were the contests that every member participated in which allowed us to know more about their genuine cuteness. The documentary part of any Idol or Comedian TV show is usually always supplementary to the main body, because its purpose is to add some minimal amount of  knowledge about the person outside the stage. However, how well does a documentary serve when you’ve never played an IDOLM@STER game. It’s like starting a sport draft with the supplementary draft before the main one. Just thanks GOD aka Haruhi Suzumiya, haha, that the whole concept was only for the first episode. The cameraman turned out to be the main character and newest Producer of the idol group. He’s another of these 4-eyes guys we find on 80% of all anime. I should also thank that he won’t remain silent like he did in the majority of the episode. His speech was silent and subtitled. So, it was a pain in the “arse” to follow the subtitle of the nameless 4-eyes at one end of the screen and the idols’ at the other end.

He gets the chicks 😦

Anyway, the documentary seems to me a pretty poor choice to be implemented as the first episode. It would have work out well if it was an episode 3, 4 or 5 when we already have a fair representation of the characters, because, by then, the show might get boring.


The anime’s demographic seems to target IDOLM@STER otakus. The first episode hasn’t really done anything to make new fans. It’s still too soon to tell if the anime is going to fail. However, I feel that the rate at which I get to know a character is really slow. I really hope that whoever is directing this anime is going to focus on important idols and not EVERY SINGLE of them. Other than being potentially a harem, the only reason for me to watch the show seems to be CUTE girls, but it will require me to switch off my brain in order to avoid short-circuit. There’s fun potential so far, but nothing concrete yet.

I give 8/10 for the effort, but, in the end, it just didn’t turn out good. Rating: 5.5/10.

Do I blog This?  

I have no idea. I assume the story starts in the 2nd episode. I want to give in it another chance before deciding. I’m still waiting for R-15 to come out too.

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