KoM: What Gosick should have been

So I was checking my email since I finally got the time the other day.  I looked at an update wordpress sent on a comment I wrote trolling Gosick for being a suckish detective story.  My trolling had been trolled in a somewhat ironic fashion by shiro kuma:

anata wa warui desu! why do you have to go all the trouble to bring down Gosick? if you hate it then you should’ve kept it to yourself!! Some people get hurt because of sites like this!! nanimo waruku nai noni konna muchakucha na, hito wo kizutsukena kotoba shinaino! well duh ‘course it’s FICTION!!! you shouldn’t write these kinda stuff until you see the last episode, let’s see what you’ve got to say! hmph, humph!! if your logical thinking about making this reality or not shall be the end IF not then really I’ll go and find YOU

This ones for you shiro kuma with love and squalor.

I'm not an anime blogger! I am a pro journalist!


Think of “Alice,” which probably is her handle not her real name, as a Japanese lolicon version of Lisbeth Salander.  Her blue eyes indicate she’s a fantasy mix of white and Japanese blood where for some reason she’s all Japanese genes but blue eyes.  A mere trifle, so don’t get your panties in a bunch- yet- shiro.  She does detective work which probably pays for all the fancy equipment which to my disgust are macs, her constant air conditioning, and her refrigerator stocked with what seems to be a Dr. Pepper alias Dokupe.  Alice looks like a loli in every measure.  She hasn’t grown out of her attachment with stuffed animals, and lacks basic hygiene habits.  She lacks basic human strength to open a soda can or take apart a pair of chopsticks.  Other than that, she’s a wonderful person with a cute, tsundere personality that most males drool over.  Her subordinates that she orders around are a group of NEETs.  By the way, NEET stands for Not in Education, Employment, or Training.  In lay terms, NEETs is a euphimism for losers with no future.  So this regular high school guys sees a girl jump off the second story of a love hotel.  After that, things spiral out of control into a vortex our protagonist gets dragged into.

she by the way does step out of the room often for her cases. Just saying


The story is half hoopla and mumbo jumbo.  The story tries to act smart in trying to explain the role of a detective and all that crap.  The awesome part is that the story has action and a legitimate mystery.  The pieces much like any given detective story with substantial amounts of awesome gives the viewer puzzle pieces.  Unlike Gosick, the story isn’t mere speculation.  The investigation acts like what most people would expect a police investigation would go.  Different people investigate the events within their expertise despite it including womanizing, military fanaticism, and hacking.  A good advantage that this anime has over Gosick is that the setting has already been in place.  Most viewers -at least in Japan, I KNOW not for us as much- can easily understand the lingo/jargon these characters spew.  Very easy to get drawn in and the same classic high school gets dragged into awkward situation basis.  Kami-sama no Memechou basically acts like a comprehensible, non-fictious Gosick.  It doesn’t get sidetracked easily.  The mysteries aren’t stupid, but not stupidly impossible and convoluted.  Overall, I’m deeply impressed, consequently my recovery from Gosick has begun.  But only time will tell if this loli can outdo her counterpart.

lygophile is a hoe

Time to get out of bronze league in SCII

btw, u should read my very first post shiro.


3 Responses to “KoM: What Gosick should have been”

  1. 13 July 2011 at 12:14 pm

    I’m a little surprised no one seems to be picking up this show. I too think it has some real possibility. And you’re right, Scooby Doo did mystery way better than Gosick.

  2. 2 jGLZa
    13 July 2011 at 8:07 pm

    Glad to hear you’re recovering well.

    I’ll assume the mystery was decent as I never really understood it, but Im stupid like that – I just watch CSI for Horatio’s one-liners.
    I did find it incredibly annoying though that Alice thought it necessary to try and justify why she is a NEET even if she technically isnt being in her own employment. Even more annoying was that this took up half the episode.

    I like the crazy gardening girl.

    • 14 July 2011 at 9:54 am

      I find that we have our opinions flipped. I feel that the crazy gardening girl actually feels like Haruhi without god-like powers. She’s just an ordinary girl who drags protagonists around forcefully which I don’t think adds enough to the story to keep her. She could be an acquaintance we see from time to time, but I hope she stays as walk to school/home friend rather than a critical part in the story. The mystery was simple: find where the F$*K Shouko is.

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