Kamisama Dolls – Episode 2

Just an observation: It’ll be really difficult to employ a surprise attack with Kukuri given the little meldoy it lets out when doing stuff.

And this lil piggy cried Waah Waah Waah!

In the usual flashback before the intro we get to see how one becomes a Seki, seems a rather painless process: prick on the finger, put blood inside (the clearly mechanical) kakashi and try and stay awake as long as possible. I can do that. Roll awesome intro.

Right off the bat we meet some new characters already, a detective who is investigating the curious destruction of Kuga’s apartment and also seems to have daughter problems and said daughter who is a conspiracy nut / mad scientist. Plenty of family dynamics on display here.

Meanwhile over at the lake, Kyohei is helping Utao train with Kukuri. She’s pretty good when she concentrates but that is at times pretty lacking to lulzy effect, also Utao is so cute when she trains, despite looking somewhat like she’s having a stroke, but she’s even cuter when she fails, you just have forgive her… until someone dies that is.

Back to the mad scientist lady who is having a lovers quarrel (lol, I kid but she did try to seduce him to prevent him from quitting) with with her only club member ends with their club house exploding and them getting trapped in his car. Lucky for them Utao and Kukuri were in the area so they could rescue them, even luckier for the scientist was that she caught a glimpse of Kukuri before she got an assfull from her partner and was knocked out. Utao had successfully saved them from the explosion and was pretty proud of herself especially when Kyohei praised her, then she dropped both survivors in the lake. Better wet than dead I always say, so no harm done.

We then get the predictable bathroom run-in between Kyohei and Hibino – I told you so. They quarrel about the incident until they bump into Kuuko (mad scientist lady) again on campus who logically accuses them of sleeping together.

Best moment in the episode: Utao covering up when she accidently smashed the games console while letting Kukuri play games.

Lesson for this episode: Don’t point fingers at people!

In the preview for next weeks episode Utao speaks about attacks with Kukuri and then mentions what looks like the Konami code. 0,O God mode unlocked?


3 Responses to “Kamisama Dolls – Episode 2”

  1. 19 July 2011 at 12:23 am

    That OP is too addictive. >.> Can’t wait for the single.
    I’m tired of flashbacks, just show what the hell happened, Brains Base…

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