Review of Buster Optimus Prime Leader Class Takara Tomy Limited Edition and Stop Motion Videos

Credits for this photo: UNOYO's Toy box. Click for direct link to his review in japanese

Yes it’s optimus prime! Leader class from Takara Tomy. He’s back from the Dark Side of the moon! It’s huge, it’s awesome and a piece of art. More after the break on how I acquired it and lots of images!

Back in 2007 before the movie came out, I had already ordered bumblebee, ironhide and barricade deluxe versions. They were cool and fun to play with and then gathered dust for the next few years till ROTF and then this year. And oh, yes, that’s a printout copy of Dota heroes painted for my friends and I (we are at the bottom of the picture) in the background.

Look at the thick layer of dust

Then came revenge of the fallen which was quite a let down in terms of plot or character development, it was pretty much a fast paced car chase around the globe which I felt dizzy after that. Poor movie = no desire to look at their products.

And then came Dark side of the moon! I would have to say I pretty much enjoyed it. It had decent plot although the plot holes are quite ridiculous if you really think about it (hint: when did megatron and the ark leave cybertron?) which was why I was so HUNGER for a optimus prime…

Enough said! Here comes Takara Tomy Leader Class Buster Optimus Prime RA-24, limited only in Japan!

1st to take care of a rodent problem...

Notice the chrome front panels


Takes about 10 minutes to transform in to robot mode

This image is out of sequence because I was doing from robot to truck. Took me 2 hrs the 1st time because I was afraid of breaking something

That wasn't too tough from truck to robot!

Notice the clear plastic swords, it's pure orange on normal vers

And the buster gun which is a combination of the gas canisters, not found on normal vers

Optimus: Barricade, your alien ‘friend’ with his pathetic 7 swords will not save you now.                                           Exia: FML. Never trust the police.

A happy autobot family w/o decepticons

There’s many versions of Optimus Prime out there and this is pretty much the best looking and movie accurate as far as I can find(double wow if it is the chrome version which comes with the extra buster gun). The 3rd movie’s optimus prime are all pretty much efforts to sell the same toy a dozen times over after they did their best mold of optimus prime for revenge of the fallen.

That said, once you transform it from robot to truck, you will always tell yourself – what a nightmare to transform this over (took me 2 hrs 1st time, 30 minutes the 2nd time) but once you think of the robot form again….there you go!

A big THANK YOU to my girlfriend who bought it for me off ebay once I told her how much I really wanted it!

Oh yea, she’s a gundam fan! Her favourite seems to be Strike freedom and Unicorn gundam so far!

Here’s a series of stop motion transformation videos (not done by me) for your viewing pleasure in the order of optimus prime, iron hide and bumblee with a funny one at the end.

My next targeted acquisition:

Hmmmm donut. (Credits: Otaku Surf)

Still can’t decide between Mark IV and VI though!

Mark IV Review
Mark VI Review

For Mark IV –

Circular arc reactor just the way it had been and should be.

Donut! And donut box!

Tony Stark’s face and sunglasses (removable)

A stand that lights up!

For Mark VI – 

Additional battle scarred armour interchangable

Helmet that opens up to show tony stark’s face. Way cooler than just his head alone.

Now if only I can just buy Mark VI’s extra head for Mark IV, that will be perfect! Let me know what you think!

3 Responses to “Review of Buster Optimus Prime Leader Class Takara Tomy Limited Edition and Stop Motion Videos”

  1. 1 jGLZa
    20 July 2011 at 5:09 pm

    Does the Mark VI have a RDJ face too? Eitherway, I say Mark VI or alternatively get both.

  2. 20 July 2011 at 10:18 pm

    Yup Mark VI has RDJ face:
    “Helmet that opens up to show tony stark’s face. Way cooler than just his head alone.”

    Still deciding….each cost around USD250? At least?

  3. 3 August 2011 at 7:56 pm

    A lot of detail in this figure, looks pretty articulate aswell! They’re starting to really master Transformers toys these days, it’s almos tlaughable to think we were happy with cars the had a ouple of slides and then you had a stiff immovable robo to to play with :p

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