Idolm@ster Episode 3: Yukiho Time

I’ve spent five days trying to write a post for Nurarihyon no Mago: Sennen Makyo episode 1 to 3, but with the heat and my laziness it’s just IMPOSSIBLE to finish that. So, I might as well do the 3rd ep of Idolm@ster first to clear my mind.

The obligatory group shot: Say CHEESE!!

I’ve noticed one thing: There is a different ending song for each episodes. Nothing really seemed to top the first episode’s “The world is all one!!” song. This episode’s ending song, “First Stage”, felt like something that my parents would sing with a karaoke set. It’s going nowhere near my iPod, lol. On another note, I quickly became attached with the opening song. After 2 episodes, it just got stuck into my head. Now, I feel like dancing while humming the tune and it is certainly not a great sight when I dance. It would come out similar like this:

This week’s Idolm@ster focuses on Yuhiko and her phobias. In her case, she suffers from Androphobia (fear of men) and Cynophobia (fear of dogs). There are times when I ask myself  how an idol like Yuhiko can survive in a business with a male dominant fanbase. Yes, she’s super moe, but she’s barely usable on stage. In this episode, she took a great deal of time to adapt to a small audience of men. Just imagine if she were to sing in front of thousands of people. Only one outcome is possible: Yuhiko starting to cry…WAAAAAAAAA! Result: Incident would easily reported on the Newspaper and the group’s reputation would be tarnished. Actually, that would be a good story material later on the series.

Mio + Yui = Yukiho?

Her situation kinda reminded me of Minami from Working, but instead of Falcon-punching men, she just crazily runs aways or starts digging a hole with a shovel that appears magically out of nowhere. I got to wonder how much money in repair does the studio has to pay to fill up the holes she makes. Yukiho can be funny and, hell, she even has great facial expressions. However, her phobia crisis can get awkward and repetitive after the 10 minutes mark.

I really wonder if Yukiho can dig to the other side of the planet.

Someone died?

I did find the scene where she finally make flesh contact with the Producer to be quite touching, though a certain image started to appear in my mind.


You gotta start somewhere with the opposite sex...

While Producer-san does a good job earning the respect of the girls, he’s even better at failing to find a good event for the group to participate in. Common sense dictates that doing a concert in the mountains automatically means small audience and fail stages. I wonder why anime main characters are never successful at gaining money. This kind of producer will bring a studio out of business, before gaining success, lol. Instead of singing in the mountains, they should be singing in hot springs. 🙂 You know it’s inevitable.

Idols on a high school stage?

I guess that the show is going through one girl per episode before getting into a plot if there is any. If last week was Minase and this week Yuhiko, I assume we still have 10 more episodes of character introductions. For me, episode 3 couldn’t be worser than episode 2 since I didn’t have to worry about Minase’s loli tsundere attitude. Actually, this episode was fairly fun with okay comedy and emotional content. Let’s all hope this series improves like a linear function.  Score: 6.9/10 🙂

My moment of the week

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