No. 6 – episode 3

That mark on Shion’s neck from last episode? Yep, turns out it was the same parasite that killed Yamase, which should have been pretty obvious at this point, how else did you expect him to suddenly get white hair?

Shion is now living with Nezumi, who we learn has a penchant for classic literature, and those rats he used to communicate with Shion are actually robots that he’s been using to look for the “Achilles heel” of No. 6. Nezumi also tells Shion that he needs to break all contact with everyone he knew in No. 6, or they could cripple him.

Nezumi notices marks on Shion’s hands, which Shion immediately identifies as the aforementioned parasite, and begs Nezumi to cut it out of him despite the fact that they have no anaesthetic, and Nezumi does just that whilst Shion writhes in pain, something Nezumi picked up after Shion helped him a few years ago, perhaps? This was surprisingly rough to watch, I must admit.

Nezumi manages to cut it out, but not before Shion is partially affected, with marks appearing on his skin and giving him white hair, just like in the OP. Shion believes it’s his punishment for surviving where Yamase could not, though Nezumi sees them as “medals of honour”.

Back with Safu on her flight to No. 5, it turns out she actually loves Shion, and not just for the potential sex! I’m beginning to wonder if maybe this relationship is being used to offset the Yaoi, which is kind of pointless if you think about it. Unless Bones heavily deviates from the novels, the Yaoi will happen, much to the dismay of people who are watching this but are still holding out hope that it won’t.

Later on Shion analyzes the pupa that Nezumi cut out of his neck, and we find out that when it comes to No. 6, Nezumi is just a tad psychotic. He finds the thought the city being attacked by parasitic wasps hilarious, and when Shion later brings up the possibility of the parasitic eggs remaining dormant inside humans for winter and then all hatching at the same time in the spring, he claims to “like the sound of that”.

You’ve got to wonder exactly what it is that caused him to be like this, come to think of it you never hear about his family. I’m just going to take a shot in the dark and say that his family was under suspicion of being malcontents and were either sent to a correctional facility or killed. Knowing the show, I have a feeling that if that is the case, there will be quite a bit more to it then that.

Shion and Nezumi make their way to a building filled with dogs, which turns out to be a place of lodging in the slums Nezumi lives in, run by a woman called Dogkeeper, who also rents out dogs as heaters, this makes more sense in context, trust me.

Dogkeeper also helps Nezumi out, it seems, and she has a message from Shion’s mother in response to a message that Nezumi sent her. Shion comes up with the idea that if they can send messages like this then it can be used to warn people about the wasps and that they can use his blood to develop a serum. Nezumi says that if Shion tries to do that, he will be seen as an enemy.

A bit of a slow episode in comparison to last week, but that doesn’t mean it was any worse, with this week serving well to develop the characters. Next week looks to be pretty good, I’m just hoping they explain Nezumi’s hatred toward the city a bit more.


5 Responses to “No. 6 – episode 3”

  1. 1 kikuri
    23 July 2011 at 8:13 pm

    So, is this yaoi or not?

  2. 3 jGLZa
    23 July 2011 at 11:51 pm

    I beleive the correct term would be shounen-ai not yaoi.

  3. 24 July 2011 at 1:36 am

    It’s not yaoi, but it sure has the sexual undertones to suggest it.

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