Kamisama Dolls 03 – Reunion

The plot doesn’t necessarily thicken but it definately gets bigger as a third Seki enters the picture and potentially a fourth. Also much more action in this episode so thats good.

Trucker Tip #32: When driving at night be sure to keep your eye’s wide open.

This weeks flashback clears up the events surrounding how Aki escaped at the end of episode 1, it also illustrates quite graphically that you really need to think carefully about who you put on a particular job. I mean if Aki is dangerous enough to warrent them sending a Kukuri as well as a clean up crew after him, then you should probably have a similarly manned escort for him. I just sat there facepalming as these drivers sat there discussing about easy the job was and that Aki was no real threat – they did nothing, they arrived there and he was already unconcious! Then they didn’t even put anybody in the back with him in case… oh I don’t know, he regained conciousness as unconcious people tend to do. Urgh! In my opinion they deserved what they got.

Thanks for the ride

Anyway moving on, we open up with some filler of Utao being her cute adorable self but also being completely useless. Its the trade off you need to consider when you employ a 10 year old to work in a resturant I guess. Thankfully the scene is saved by the return of Suou-chan (aka Vomit Girl from episode 1) and she’s even funnier when she’s sober.

As with most young-adult females she takes a keen interest in Utao, who for no real reason does not feel the same in return. The mini-battle of them trying to one-up each other is fun to watch especially so when it is revealed that Utao has apprently been working for cake.

Tf, Tea is served!

Later on the girls go out to train with Kukuri as well as some female bonding while they wait for Kyohei to return from his part-time job. On his way back he bumps into hobo-Aki, a disguise Aki adopts where he uses his terrible stench to avoid & repel any unwanted attention. During thir polite conversation, Kyohei and Aki are interupted by the arrival of a Kakashi which can only be described as a large green dildo. The dildo-kakashi belongs to another Seki, Koushiro who sports a mean pair of “cool-guy” shades. Aki obviously bolts with Koushiro in hot pursuit.

Back with the girls, we get another example of how the real problem affecting japanese roads is not late night drag racing but rather really incompetant truck drivers. Lets break this down. If you’re driving a 2-ton truck at full speed on the highway and think that you see what could be a child on the side of the road, do you a) carry on driving, avoiding the possibly childlike thing by straying slightly into the other lane or do you b) swerve recklessy throught the wall and off the bridge? Our special driver decided that option b) was the best choice.

Luckily for everybody Kukuri is on hand to pull a Superman and catch the falling truck, even luckier is that everybody is too busy diving for cover that nobody notices the huge robot-like thing that saves their life. All things said though, Utao was pretty awesome.

Hoe’s before Bro’s?

And back we jump to Koushiro chasing down Aki, flinging his dildo all over the place and as would happen if you continously fling a large dildo around, somebody will eventually notice. That somebody in this case is obviously everybodies favorite conspiracy nut – Kuuko. Aki actually looks to get the better of Koushiro until the mysterious figure from the bridge reveals himself to be another villager (possibly a Seki) and knocks Aki crashing into a nearby dumpster. Then while he is bragging to Koushiro, Kuuko quickly drags Aki away right under their noses. This village is really slack, it appears that Aki was the only efficient one there, probably why they locked him up.

Yosh! Found me a new slave.

Moment of the Episode:

There was plenty of action this episode but my moment of the episode had to be the face-off between Utao and Suou at the resturant, I still cannot fathom the reason for Utao’s dislike of her but it sure was funny. Suou is back to being my number 1 character.

Lesson of the Episode:

Don’t assume that Japan employs reliable and competant truck drivers, it may cost you your life. Rather stay at home and eat some cake.

4 Responses to “Kamisama Dolls 03 – Reunion”

  1. 1 jGLZa
    24 July 2011 at 5:38 am

    Silly question I know, but do you guys prefer having pictures with captions or without?

    • 2 lygophile
      25 July 2011 at 6:48 am

      Personally, I like writing in the mouseover text and having no captions. Doesn’t really matter much at all though.

      • 3 jGLZa
        25 July 2011 at 5:15 pm

        Same here, thats what I’ve always done previously. Not sure if people know that there is mouseover text though?

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