Mayo Chiki episode 3: I love Suzutsuki

After the disappointment of R-15, I still needed a good harem and I got Mayo Chiki which brought up some very pleasant surprises. With the exorbitant heat, it is definitely time for true fan service.


Re-cap of the 2 first episodes

Kinjirou Sakamachi aka Jirou suffers from gynophobia (fear of women) which causes him to get a nosebleed every time he is in contact with a women. He finds out that Subaru Konoe, the butler of the extremely popular Kanade Suzutsuki, happens to be a girl. Now, he must keep this knowledge a secret if he still values his life. By the end of the episode 2, he’s labelled as a homosexual and his sister, Kureha, became in love with Subaru…TRAP!!

Episode 3: Too lazy to think of a sub-title

The 3rd episode opens up with Jirou’s sister coming out of the bathroom suited only with her panties in front of Subaru. The female butler was right that it’s important to lock the door, but I don’t think anyone would expect it’s for reasons like that. Well, Kureha’s “NYAH” scream was cute. However, when Kureha asked Jirou about Subaru’s reaction to her panties, I felt the previous moment should have displayed the actual panties. We don’t need to know she was wearing panties coming out of the bath, we need to see them. There are times when fan service are suitable to moments. Yes, I’m just asking for more fan service.

Can't be worse than actual censoring..

You know what we needed next? A water park episode! One might think it is just an excuse for more fan service. Yes, it is as we get Suzutsuki’s butt shot and breast hugs. However, the water park actually served as a plot device to learn more about Suzutsuki and Subaru’s past. They’ve been kidnapped in the water park during their childhood. Thanks to that incident, Subaru developed the fear of knives with symptoms similar to Jirou’s except that she doesn’t get nose bleeding.

Lucky Bastard

Subaru, Jirou and Suzutsuki can be compared to elements of a car. Jirou is the outside shell, Subaru is the wheel and Suzuki is the fuel or motor. The motor and the fuel are the most important parts of the car, but they aren’t the most visible. Subaru and Jirou are easily the 2 top main characters because they’re the couple to be formed, while Suzutsuki rank 3rd. However, her importance surpasses those 2 love-birds’. Her role on this show is simply to keep the story moving. Everything moves around her will for her own fun.

For distraction purpose

In this episode, she set up her own kidnapping with her accomplice, Subaru’s father, who took the role of the kidnapper to beat the shit out of Jirou because of the breast groping incident in Ep 1.

The results? 1)The head butler is happy for beating up Jirou for his lovely daughter. Yes, he’s another one of these over-protective dads.


2)Subaru overcomes her phobia temporarily. If the main guy fails, allow the main girl to do the joke.

There is nothing like a heroine overcoming her fears as the main guy fails.

3)The gap between the 2 childhood friends closed back again. Let’s not forget: ever since Subaru became her butler (thus, leaving her role as a friend), you know Suzutsuki needed someone she can call a friend. That scheme allowed her to order Subaru to stay as her butler but, most importantly, also as a friend.

The power of love...Lesbian love!!

4)Subaru and Jirou gets closer.

Shina from Angel Beats says: "CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

There are times I feel Suzutsuki wants a threesome ending. “Subaru was my first love.” Who knows, she might still love her that way. “was my first” indicates a second love crush. That second crush is clearly Jirou. I wouldn’t be surprised if the three characters ended up in the same bed by the end of the show.

Somewhere along the lines, I already knew it...

At times, Jirou’s gynophobia has potential for some hell of a misunderstanding. He got a nosebleed when he was into contact with a little girl when he was trying to save her from drowning. I’m just surprised the anime didn’t exploit that moment by creating an awkward situation that would lead to accusations of him being a pedophile. Watch out of Pedobear, kids…

Nosebleed over little girl: Pedobear approves

After episode 1, I found myself worried that the show would be about Subaru trying to beat the crap out of Jirou. There are times when she wants to do that, but that part is really toned down as the story advances. Rarely do we find a girl in anime who doesn’t deny their own desire to get close to a guy. I applaud at Mayo Chiki for not having Subaru to be the textbook tsundere. I liked how the anime found a good fit in the usage of the tsundere persona. The least thing we need is Subaru trying to kill Jirou every 5 minutes without reasons.

Overall, this isn’t the most funny or the most intelligent anime of the season, but it does put me a great smile when I see this. So far, it is still one of the better shows out there this season. Episode Score: 7/10.


2 Responses to “Mayo Chiki episode 3: I love Suzutsuki”

  1. 27 July 2011 at 12:04 am

    Oh, fan service. :/

    Kudos to you for the amazing joke.

  2. 27 July 2011 at 1:43 am

    Agree about Subaru not being a normal sort of archetype, which is nice. I definitely thought there would be a ton more fan service, and yes–when he grabs that little girl, I was slightly alarmed. (if not a little jealous if you know what I mean–kidding!)

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