Kamisama Dolls 04 – Please don’t let this be the Peek

I was rather busy this week so I never watched this weeks episode until yesterday and wow did I enjy it. For me it has quite easily been the best episode of the series so far, it was high on story content, action and other stuffs.

I dearly hope the series hasn’t hit its peek this early.

Our flashback this week takes us all the wayy back to the end of last weeks episode as we get a much closer look at the chase/fight between Aki & Koushiro. They banter for a bit with Aki dissing Koushiro’s kakashi by saying that is all brute strength and predictable.

Aki then once again uses his hobo-smell technique to give Koushiro’s kakashi the slip annd mount a well executed counter attack of his own only to be thwarted at the last second by the mystery Seki from last week which as we saw last caused Aki to fall into the hands of Kuuko.

Must be one of those new postropedic mattresses, good for the back!

Back in the present, its Utao & Hibino’s job to give Kukuri a good cleaning following his swim in the river from last week. The situation quickly spirals into a wet t-shirt soak-a-thon which leads to them to deciding that they need a bath… oh yeah, bathroom incident #2. Kyohei returns home following hs own confrontation with Aki and rushes into the bathroom as he thinks Utao may be drowning or choking on the soap or something – she’s not, so he gets an eyeful of Hibino’s T&A.

Don’t drop the Soap!

Wondering what was happening with Kuuko now that she has abducted Aki? Well she’s in top form, thats whats up. She strips and ties up Aki and proceeds to interogate him with a suped up airgun and maybe, just maybe she starts enjoying it a bit too much. Obviously Aki is just playing along and when Kuuko takes it a bit too far he easily summons his kakashi to quickly turn the tables.

Kyohei, Utao & Hibino in the meantime head over to Kuuko’s place after they here that she has a guest and time their arrival perfectly to coincide with Aki’s escape. More banter between Kyohei & Aki sends Kyohei over the edge and he goes all caveman on Aki. Kyohei’s drastic action startles the girls and I think even arouses Kuuko, but as Kyohei calms down, Aki takes the opportunity to fake an escape via jumping off the balcony only to return later to Kuuko’s apartment. Didn’t I say Aki was the only sensible person from this village, this guy ain’t no fool!

Aki: It just isn’t my day…

As everyone now runs around looking for Aki, Utao is approached by the mystery Seki once again who I just realise looks exactly like Utao, except his a boy (I think?). For some reason utao attacks him with Kukuri but is easily fended off boy-utao’s own kakashi which looks like some kind of Scorpion Eel. He then actually lectures Utao, offering advice on what she did wrong, did Utao listen to this? I doubt so.

You copy my style b1tch!

Boy-utao next encounters Kyohei & Hibino, who thinks its Utao but Kyohei immediately recognises that its not Utao but does he know who it really is? Boy-utao kind of gives the game away though when he replies by calling Kyohei “Brother”. Hmm, something to ponder, he must look like Utao for a reason – cloning?

Moment of the Episode:

It was a tough choice this week as I really enjoyed this episode. For my moment of the episode it came down to either the opening fight sequence between Aki, Koushiro & boy-utao or Kuuko’s “interagation” of Aki. Ultimately I decided on the opening fight as I’m a mecha fanboy at heart and from Aki’s ingenius use of his hobo-smell technique as a distraction to launch his own attack to the last minute intervention by boy-utao which no mecha show would be without.

Lesson of the Episode:

Clearly Kuuko has a strained relationship with her parents as they never taught her that one shouldn’t pick up stray animals/hobo’s they come across in random alleys. So simple enough the lesson of the episode is: Don’t bring stray hobo’s home (without your parents permission)!

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