Usagi Drop episode 4

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lolololol at Daikichi’s hair-dressing skill. What a professional.

Rin’s adjusting well to normal childhood and nursery school – making friends with even the smallest children. Of course, with normal childhood comes peer pressure and with peer pressure comes the desire to fit in. And after that comes horrible Daikichi-ponytails. Peer pressure is bad, kids. As for Daikichi and parenthood, I don’t feel like he’s totally accustomed to it yet. Of course, there’s the minor mistakes or things he doesn’t know about parenting, like not knowing about health records. But I also think Daikichi’s still a bit worried about his ability to be a parent. An example would be when he worries about Rin talking back and nagging at home. It probably arises from his wish to make her happy, also evidenced by the many sacrifices he makes for her.

This episode also introduced another partial family – that of Kouki and his (hot) divorced mother. Kouki’s and Rin’s families mesh well together – Rin and Kouki are good friends, and Daikichi and Kouki’s mother (dunno her name) become friends as well. They will probably become recurring supporting characters, Kouki as Rin’s friend and his mother as Daikichi’s ally in single parenting.

A strong motif of this episode and most likely  of the entire show was Rin’s mysterious mother. Daikichi manages to find and unravel the trail left by his grandfather (such a cool grandfather), eventually resulting in his will. More importantly, he leaves behind Masako’s (Rin’s mother) phone number – and at the end of the episode we hear Daikichi calling her. Will we get to meet her, or will she hang up, or is this even Masako? UNTIL NEXT TIME… (I kinda felt that Usagi drop needed a little more drama).

2 Responses to “Usagi Drop episode 4”

  1. 5 August 2011 at 12:57 am

    Daikichi’s gonna get the mother as a girlfriend (maybe).

  2. 2 HA HA
    3 September 2011 at 10:41 pm

    Ive only seen three episodes of Usagi Drop ,but i thought it was a very well aminated series (so far) with voice actors that matches the characters personalitys.

    I hope it stays like this!!(even thought this episode needed a bit more emotion.

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